Re: [ronpaul-93] Doctors shun insurance and reduce costs using concierge service plans.

From: Stephen N.
Sent on: Sunday, October 13, 2013 7:57 AM
Unfortunately, under the "Affordable" healthcare act of Obama you have to have insurance. Guess which insurance is
being increased the highest percentage amount. Yes, private high deductible insurance. Yes, you can pay the fine if you have little assets but if you have property or stocks you will be unprotected financially. Also, most of these doctors would take a check from your HSA account but Obama has made sure this option will be closed. The original "Affordable" healthcare act of Obama eliminated HSA accounts. Republicans put it back in but in the conference(sign it to find out what is in it)they put in clause phasing out HSA accounts in 2016.(Great legacy Obama) So yes, if you are very rich already(income taxes effect people trying to get rich) you can pay the overpriced high deductible private plan and then pay after tax money in the future directly to the best doctors. Of course, the poor and other low income will be helped financially even if the quality of the care, doctor choices, etc will be inferior to today(if that is possible). It won't be a problem for the middle class of course because there won't be many of those people left outside of government.:)

What potentially could be a bright spot is medical tourism. TJ is already into this big time and there is talk in
some circles of buying older excess cruise liners and converting them to seagoing hospitals outside the 12 mile
limit. Then they can bring in the best young doctors without green cards from other countries(some excellent US doctors too who want to be free of the system) and use the latest greatest treatments. This would allow you to buy unregulated insurance to cover hospital care while your local doctor with cash would cover your day to day check ups. Since the Supreme Court defined Obamacare as a tax you will still have to pay the ever increasing fine but at least you would have control over your medical life. 
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