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Ron Paul and Ronald Regan... must see

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i dont know the history behind these photos other then these appear to be taken before Regan's presidency.

Enjoy -

It apears Ronald would give Ron Paul the nod considering the opposition.
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Well, that puts dark cloud over the whole parade... confused
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Well, that puts dark cloud over the whole parade... confused


I understand opinions about Ronald and what not but keep in mind that he did champion freedom. Although there are things we can point to that contradict what i just said, i believe you must understand the asylum around politics to understand the politicians. Most are "useful idiots" rather then complicit criminals.
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I don't think Reagan was much of an authority on Freedom. He called the Contras freedom fighters; he supported Saddam Hussein ...

I also don't think Reagan knew much about integrity. He took credit for the work of Lech Walesa, the Solidarity labor union, and countless Polish, German, Czechoslovakian, and Hungarian citizens.

I support Ron Paul because it is my understanding that he would NOT supply weapons and cash to oligarchs, dictators, or terrorists...

Ron Paul also doesn't strike me as the kind of fellow that would take credit for someone else's hard work.

These are very different Rons.

But if were saying Ron Paul is great like Ronald Reagan, then I am mistakenly a Ron Paul supporter, and I might need a reality check.

(Reagan also tore the solar panels off the white house roof; that seems like the work of a short sided reactionary whiney baby.)
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They are two completely different people.

In order to really understand Ronald Reagan, you need to know who he was before he became president and who he was after.

There is a lot of false information on both sides about Reagan.

Reagan ran his campaign as an outsider. He was running in the primaries against George HW Bush. They ran attack ads against each other, and Reagan's appeal was similar to Ron Paul's- Reagan actually campaigned on the fact that he was not affiliated with the CFR. Back in those days people knew more about the CFR and insider connections. Bush was the total NWO insider. People did not like Bush but did like Reagan. Then Reagan won the nomination, and the forces took over and gave him Bush as VP.

Reagan/Bush were two opposite ends of the coin.

Reagan wanted to do things his way early on- small government, non-interventionist policy. The power elites did not like that. They tried to off him, it didn't work but the point was made loud and clear anyway. After the Reagan assassination attempt, Bush ran things from there on. We never had small government (Reagan raised the debt ceiling 3 times), or a conservative president (this was a media myth).

I'm not trying to excuse Reagan- his administration was at the helm when lots of bad things were happening. But he was not running the show. Bush and the NWO crowd were.

There's a lot more to this story but before you jump off the Ron Paul bandwagon because he was a former Reagan fan, I would recommend really researching Reagan's administration and the primaries leading up to it.
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