Organizer Guidelines

The Sacramento Hiking Meetup Group Organizer Guidelines
(The fine art of herding cats)

The SHMG is not a business, but to attract and keep GOOD and GREAT Assistant Organizerss, The Sacramento Hiking Meetup Group will be using tried and true business principles. The event fee is so that Organizers can afford to volunteer

  • AO's and EO's are charged a nominal fee of $2/month biannually. This is equivalent to a stylist renting a chair at a beauty saloon.
  • All AO's and EO's WILL be charging a fee of $1 or more at each event. This can be an event fee or donation to a charity of your choice. If you fail to have a fee attached to your event, I will do it for you. Not charging will result in the event being canceled.
  • Normal Event fees are waived for all Organizers.

Posting Events
All non-hiking and cross posted events must be approved by the Organizer.

  • Non-hiking events: This is a HIKING group! Let's stay focused on why we're here.
  • Cross posting events: It is redundant and confusing for members belonging to multiple hiking groups. Since virtually all members of the other local hiking groups belong to SHMG, cross posting amounts to spam for these members.

Stay Connected on the Hike
The most important person on the hike besides the Host is the person at the end. This could be a hiker struggling to keep up or a designated Sweeper, What we don't want is for anyone to be left behind!
1. Watch out for Mavericks. These are the ones that take off without telling the Host. Sometimes hijacking the hike. While we don't stress if someone wants to jump in the lead or take off on a tangent, make it clear that if anyone wants to leave the group that you'd like them to talk to you before they do.
2. Ask your group to look out for who's behind them. When coming to a fork in the trail, to wait until you see the next person following before continuing.
3. Periodic regrouping. Every so often, preferably at a scenic spot, let the hikers at the back catch up.
4. Consider breaking the group into two. A fast group and a not as fast group.
5. Use a whistle or airhorn so your fellow hikers can find you.
6. Walkie Talkies are also very useful at times.

Stay Connected with the Hikers in your Carpool
Encourage members to carpool with others of similar abilities and agendas. Suggest that they be aware of where the other members of their carpool is during the hike.

Stay Connected with the Caravan
Print out a copy of the hike with directions to the trailhead and a description of the hike for each driver. Good idea to also have your cell number on it.

Signature Hikes
These are "designer" hikes. Ones that you wont find in any trail book, at least not yet, that you have scouted and developed. My Folsom figure 8 hike and Dales Riverfront hike are examples. Once you develop and run the hike a few times, the hike will have your "signature". Whenever you want to use someone's signature hike, please contact that person before posting and give credit where credit is due.

Weekday Hikes
I believe there is a untapped demand for the weekday after work hikes. I would like to see 3 or 4 of these on the calender Mon to Thurs. This would give the members a menu of daily specials to pick from.

Branding and Fanbase
Branding is what makes the participants on your hikes remember you. For example, I tell bad jokes and usually pass out chocolate. And if you schedule on a regular basis, you'll develop a fanbase. These are regulars that like to hike with you or just plain like your hikes. Names are important. If you have the time, check your RSVP's and get to know your hikers a bit before you meet them. If you can on a hike, try to mix and mingle a bit. Think of the hike as a mobile party and you're the HOST.

Selecting Hikes
We have a treasure chest of past hikes to pick from. The easiest way to look through them is using the picture albums, since there is no search for past events. When you find one you like, click on the copy button which brings up the hikes form that you can modify and update. You can also build from scratch and build one yourself using the Group Tools found in the upper right..

Posting Hikes
You are not alone. I'm happy to help anyway I can. If you post a hike, but can't make it, please do what you can be at the Meetup spot to send them off. If you cant make it then see if me or someone you know, can be there to speak for you.

My goal is to develop a TEAM of Organizers that work together to provide many safe and enjoyable hikes.

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