Sacramento, CA
Hometown: Weed, CA

Member since:

January 3, 2010

Why are you interested in our group?

I believe in the vegan lifestyle/philosophy; I'm an animal lover; I can always learn something new, and maybe eventually discover how to totally afford to be a vegan. It's definitely a more expensive lifestyle than not being a vegan.

Tell us about yourself!

I'm 68 & I'm retired. I have a criminal justice degree/background. I do lots of volunter work & have been doing volunteer work since 1998. I exercise almost daily at Family Fitness; I'm (naturally!) a non-smoker. I love mellow jazz. My favorite color is yellow & I drive a yellow Tacoma pickup. I'm buying a tiny house in Arden/Arcade area and it keeps me busy. I'm an animal lover & share my space with 1.5 cats (one is a part time kitty only). I'm basically NOT a morning person although my part time volunteer job requires that I get up early three days a week. I tend to be outgoing sometimes, but around vegans/vegetarians I'm more in the background. I'm a Methodist & attend St. Marks Methodist every Sunday. I'm divorced, no kids (other than my kitties) & in my spare time searching for a soul mate, & he has to be vegetarian or vegan, but it's not a priority. I like spending time by myself sometimes. I don't 'do' most of the meetups because I keep busy.

What are your interests?

I like exercising regularly; like eating healthy 'stuff' although with living by myself I don't always follow this; I like hitting the bike trails but haven't done that in some time; I like reading when I have time (which isn't often!); I like being outdoors - going to garage sales, thrift shops, visiting small towns not far from Sacramento; I love being around the ocean - doing road trips; I'm interested in visiting some of the CA hostels but haven't done any in a long time although I'm a hostel member. I prefer being more active but I have bad knees NOW so cannot jog anymore or play tennis, so exercising at Family Fitness helps some. I'm interested in interior decorating & watch HGTV constantly at the fitness center (otherwise, tv is pretty boring!).

Do you care about animal welfare?

yes; I'm part of a feral cat group feeding stray kitties right now (location is secret!); I care about saving/rescuing farm animals & I do a few donations per year to a rescue group for farm animals; I'm also interested in donkey rescue (there's a farm in Santa Clarita); I care about various cat rescue groups (I like dogs but my 'family' is strictly cat right now). I also care about circus animals but I just do not like doing protests outside of a circus; while I care about animal welfare I simply couldn't work at the SPCA or any place where abused animals show up. My mental health couldn't take seeing that abuse. I would rather work away from abused animals to help.


Hi, I'm Karen, vegetarian, as opposed to vegan because I eat yogurt almost daily. I can't eat soy yougurt as I've had breast cancer twice & it was soy receptive so I can't eat any tofu/soy products. I exercise 6-7 days a week & do volunteer work.

What Karen is saying about this Meetup Group

I don't know any of them, but I'm impressed that there were a lot of them there, obviously to learn more about eating healthy. But let's face it - being a vegan or a vegetarian 'ain't cheap'; in fact it's ususally more expensive. So learning more about where to get good healthy food and save money so we can afford to get it - that would be nice. And any cooking that is SIMPLE and still healthy is my preference . .

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