Re: [atheists-518] Atheist ethics -was Kathy Griffin's emmy words

From: Scott
Sent on: Thursday, September 13, 2007 2:25 PM
Well now it would seem that Jesus did exist and was in fact a major figure in modern history.
It's hard to compare another man to Jesus, since most men don't have religions made after them.
But I would compare Jesus to Buddha, or other Guru types.
    The Message of such Gurus is mostly positive.
    What we see as goodness and kindness is an animalistic trait.
Animals have a pecking order, and mostly the strong dominate and the weak are subservient.
All of our good and bad qualities can be found in the animal kingdom.
     Mathew Alper wrote a good book, Called "The God Part of the Brain"
and I would say that humans can't help but be religious minded since it's in our
brain makeup to be so just as we have a center for speech. The religious part of
the brain is a very powerful part, which leads people to do good acts, sacrifice, and also to
blow themselves up for virgins in heaven.
    I think that we as atheists can reason god out of our lives since we have a long history
of knowledge about how things work through science. But if we grew up in bush with wild animals
trying to eat us, and no notions of how things are then we'd probably invent all sorts of gods. Also
when you just miss being killed, it might make you pray to something!
    But I am a happy atheist and I think I know how the universe is set up, but who knows!

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