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Mark C.
San Diego, CA
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Eric Hansen's Water Fuel Hydroxy Manifesto

Career mechanic, Eric W. Hansen, reveals his understanding of the hydroxy (HHO) technology, explaining how to use Frederick Well's plans to run an engine on nothing but water through resonance of the electrolysis cell chambers, as well as how to adjust the tuning of the engine to handle the 135 octane hydroxy gas.
Eric is scheduled to come on as a guest of the Late Night in the Midlands radio show with host Michael Vera this coming Friday night, June 18, from 12 - 2 am Eastern time, following Stanton Freidman (10-midnight June 17).

Eric W. Hansen of Hawaii

Frederick (Freddy) Well's design.
Put simply, what is happening in a typical HHO or hydroxy system is that water is being electrolyzed on board from electricity from the battery, creating "Brown's gas", which includes hydrogen and oxygen, as well as possibly some new species not fully characterized or appreciated by academia yet. It is probably in the formation of this new species of gas (some call it ionized HHO [or HHOi], because of its electrical characteristics) that the environmental energy shows up or is harvested. The Brown's gas interacts with the fuel to break the larger chain molecules (that often go unburnt in a typical system) into smaller molecules that are readily burned. In highly optimized systems, allegedly the vehicle can run on HHOi alone.

Eric W. Hansen composed this for a radio show appearance and posted it to our Freddys_Cell discussion list. It has been Edited for clarity by Hank Mills and Sterling D. Allan.

Let me begin by recommending to all who are listening tonight to grab a pen and some paper. It will be useful for taking some notes. You may even want to wake a few people out of bed, like your brother the mechanic, your friend the engineer, your uncle MacGyver, or anyone you think is handy under the hood of a car. What I'm about to tell you can free the world from fossil fuels for good; and this doesn't just apply to the automotive sector. The information I'm about to present can also be used to liberate generators, boats, and planes from fossil fuels.

I'm describing a way to totally eliminate fossil fuels. Those nasty, carbonized, pollution belching, and poisonous gases coming from every combustion engine in the world can be stopped, by using water to fuel those same engines. All that's required are a few modifications, and they can be transformed into super clean, and high horsepower engines that expel nothing more than water vapor.

I should also mention this technology can bring about the end of nuclear power. Let me say that again... there is no need for nuclear power! If the world would unite to convert internal combustion engines to run on water, the need for fossil fuels and nuclear fuels could come to an end in months. Such an end to fossil fuels would not only save the environment from continued destruction, but also save you money. Just imagine not having to pay for gasoline or electricity, and being able to provide for all your energy needs with water!

Even the Saudi prince is nervous right now. He is calling for lower oil prices, so Americans won't be in such a hurry to find alternative energy sources. It's obvious Americans are tired of getting ripped off at the pumps, and are fed-up with sending their children off to die in the name of oil. The bad news for him is that it is too late. We have found the absolutely cleanest burning fuel, with a literally endless supply. The kicker is we are all surrounded by it... water! In fact, the Earth's surface is over 75% water. Any kind of water can be used too! This includes distilled water, tap water, hose water, or salt water!

Needless to say, the government doesn't want this source of energy being utilized, because they make so much money on fuel taxes. This technology could have a profound effect on the national and global economies, in that it would shift the wealth back to the people. It could allow mankind to make progress without the repression and lies we have been force-fed since childhood.

With unlimited clean and cheap energy, the price of all items including food, clothing, and electronics would go down. Energy is involved in the transport and manufacture of every item you purchase, and when the price of energy drops, everything will become more affordable. This will restore the middle class, and help reduce poverty. The powers that be do not want this to happen, because poor people are more easily controlled. Those with wealth are not as easily controlled.

My brother Daryl and I are both members of hydroxy (HHO) study groups, and I can tell you that a vast percentage of members out there don't even understand how this works. The information is right there in front of them, but for some reason they cannot comprehend it. This is understandable, because a couple hours of trying to decipher Stan Meyer's technical data and patents could give a seasoned engineer a migraine headache.

Fast Freddy has so far apparently been one of the few geniuses in the US with enough patience and/or intuition to figure out Stan Meyer's technology, and produce a working prototype. Doing so has been compared to putting the Space Shuttle into space, but it's not really that complicated. Once you have heard what I have to share with you tonight, you will be very informed in hydroxy technology. At a minimum, you will have a basic understanding of how the technology works. I myself looked at this technology for quite some time, and when I finally saw the big picture, was amazed at how simple it really is.

To my knowledge, I don't believe anybody, anywhere, has put together a presentation like we have specially prepared for you tonight. I have broken this technology down into the simplest terms I could, so that most people should have no problem understanding how this technology works. If you haven't started recording yet, or don't have pencils and paper handy, I strongly urge you right now to grab a tape recorder. What I'm about to tell you will change the world as we know it.

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