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Mark C.
San Diego, CA
Post #: 14
Here's an article I found on Tapten reseach:
In addition, there is absolutely no shortage of ENERGY in the world. Along the "Pacific rim of fire" - which is to say, the ring of volcanoes around the Pacific Ocean - there is a huge amount of HEAT just a few metres or tens of metres, or, at worst, a few hundreds of metres below the Earth's surface. That's really nothing by oil drilling standards. Drilling technology, originally developed for oil, can be used to drill for HEAT all along this "Rim of fire". All it takes is two holes, slightly angled so that they meet in the shape of a "V", with the bottom of the "V" deep enough below the Earth's surface so that the temperature there is enough to turn water into superheated steam. Then if we pour water down one of the holes, we get a virtually endless supply of superheated steam coming up the other, with the help of which electricity can be generated. Lots of such holes can be drilled in relatively close proximity to each other - say, every 200 metres or so.

Iceland - which also sits atop a volcanic zone - already generates over 80% of its electricity this way. "Icelanders regard plentiful, cheap, guilt-free energy as part of their birthright. [...] In the 1960s and 1970s, the country began to tap geothermal sources to drive turbines and create electricity. As Iceland has grown, [...] consumers have been insulated from the shocks of higher energy prices. Many things are expensive in Iceland, [...] but energy is cheap. [...] Over the past 10 years, the price of electricity, compared with a broad measure of inflation, has fallen 75 percent in Iceland. [...] In 2004, per capita electricity use in Iceland was nearly twice the amount in the United States. But their profligacy doesn't tax the economy or the environment unduly. [...] Iceland is one of the world's wealthiest nations, measured by income per capita, and the U.N. Human Development Index rates it the most livable nation on the planet." (From <­)

This is not a new idea: I first read of it in a copy of Scientific American more than thirty years ago. The electricity so generated - which would be very cheap, since no fuel would be needed to generate it - could be used to do many of the things oil is used for now: heat buildings, transport freight and people (via railways and the like), and even move cars and trucks (by transmitting electricity from cables buried just under the roadways via wireless resonance induction to electrical motors that could be retrofitted in cars just behind their conventional engines - this method of safely transmitting electricity wirelessly over relatively short distances being a technology developed recently at MIT). Then the ONLY things which would positively NOT work without oil would be aircraft and, to a somewhat lesser extent, water-craft!

Interesting info, we need to start drilling some holes.
Mark Crouse
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