Tuesday Writing Prompt #4: Teenfinity and Beyond

From: SkyeB.
Sent on: Tuesday, January 6, 2009 3:21 PM
Happy 2009 folks!
Raise your hand if you've resolved to write more in 2009. Now, put it down, you'll need that hand for the next prompt...
Sci-Fi Writing Prompt #4:  Prompt Buffet
To encourage participation this go around, I've picked a range of options from this website: http://www.sff.net/people/james.van.pelt/teenfinity/ideas.htmI
It's actually an idea page for an online teen sff magazine for Fruita Monument High School called Teenfinity. They've got a lengthy list of some really good (and others trite) story seeds. I picked only three from each category, but there are many more. Feel free to go to the website and pick a different one if you like. What ever gets you writing!
- What if you could vacation in space?
- What if they could rewire your brain to make you smarter?
- What if immortality was available only to the rich?
- What if the need for sleep was eliminated?
- What if you could build the perfect partner?
- What if a black market in stolen organs for transplants arises?
- What if soldiers are bred instead of recruited?
- What if terrorists took over the computers and airways?
- What if war was eliminated?
- What if computers became self aware?
- What if computer is always on, always connected, voice controlled and planted in your ear?
- What if children were raised by virtual parents?
- What if one religion conquers the rest?
- What if all drugs were legal?
- What if anyone can know anything about anybody?
Entertainment and Sports
- What if athletes were genetically enhanced?
- What if football (or some other violent sport) was played to the death?
- What if global politics was determined by sports success?
 Just a reminder of what we're doing here:
1. Write a story based on the prompt
2. If you want, password protect the story using your word editor software (ie MS Word)
3. Upload it to the sci-fi group's files page.
4. Email me the password
5. All who participated will get emailed the passwords on Sunday night.
6. Review and feedback begins
7. Another prompt on Tuesday
Make 2009 the year that you did.

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