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Exciting Career Opportunity at a Seattle-Area Social Gaming Startup

Renton, WA
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Who we are: A team of seven entrepreneurial folks who are building an exciting game platform. Our first title, called "Pop Salad" is in beta at http://beta.popsalad....­. It's a cross between fantasy football and hollywood-- a celebrity stock market, if you will, where you buy low and wait for your celebrity to get high.

We're looking for a smart and insightful mid-tier developer (by which we mean that they need to live and breathe /(Ruby|PHP|Perl)+/, know their HTTP while being equally adept at HTML/Javascript as with SQL.

We realize that finding someone with the specific tools we use (Symfony 1.4) is going to be a bit of a stretch, so we're looking for people who have significant domain knowledge, with a voracity to learn new things.

If you're the right candidate, you're probably thinking, "I can get a job anywhere, why should I work with you?"

Briefly speaking, we think it's our culture and the opportunity to learn new things. I'll touch briefly on them:

Culture: We realize that we, like you, could work anywhere. The reason to work with us is that we "get it". We're an agile shop, firmly believing that the team provides their estimates, and commit to them. If you get the work done in 35 hours, great! But if it takes you 45, you're still on the hook because it was your estimate. If it's taking you 50 or 60 hours, something is wrong that needs fixing. So long as you're getting the job done and constantly looking for opportunities for improvement, we're not going to put your nose to the grindstone.

As for learning new things, we started our platform on a basic LAMP stack. But if you want to learn, experience, and grow in these areas, then you're going to learn a ton while you work with us. Here are a few topics you'll master along the way:

- What the "cloud" really is, and how to leverage it to build a scalable business?
- How to build a multi-environment LAMP stack (sandbox, integration/dev/qa, stage, prod)?
- How to master the art of DevOps (you'll have the power to push to prod)?
- How to master the art of Configuration Management? (multi-environment means mastering Puppet or Chef or the like)
- How to transition a traditional MySQL datastore to use caching and post-relational datastores? (Want to learn when to use Redis vs. memcached? When to use MongoDB instead of Cassandra or CouchDB?)
- How to squeeze the performance out of every tier of the architecture, using techniques like reverse proxies, caching at the browser, appserver, database?
- This and much, much more!

If you know these things and have done these things, then you'll find an environment eager to learn from your experiences. If you don't know and want to learn, we provide an excellent environment in which to try, learn, and grow with mentoring and coaching along the way.

Did I pique your interest? I hope so. Find out more at­.

We're actively sourcing for the 'mid-tier' developer, but if you better fit the other JDs as well, we still want to hear from you.

If you have any questions, you can reach me by running this php script:

$s = "#SS EF+] w_?m 3M)<]u gfLl d77H 5?4+ >6q9XF VZkhanZbW9 @=NU ^T=1RQ y!8]!cBhZ.orgZ 0e`%) d>]) h){] ilN^ 8,h 2)aCo R0(%";
$p = "/.*?Z([^Z]+).*Z([^Z]+)Z.*/";
echo "$m[1]@$m[1]$m[2]";

Bonus points if the only php interpreter you had to use was the one inside your head!


(Those who attended Ian's talk at the last meetup might appreciate the way I obfuscated my address)
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