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Sent on: Tuesday, April 24, 2007 7:46 PM
Hi fellow web designers.  I'd love to start discussions of many things.  For starters, read my answers to the "quiz questions" about animation, etc.  Two things I forgot to mention about animations are:

1.  Windows Vista messes up a ot of Java/Javascript based sites.  My Joomla CMS/Tiny MCE Editor/Joomla FCK clients have limited access to Javascript functions requiring a popup window, such as the hyperlink functions.  Vista will let them open some windows and not others, but sometimes whyen they can get to the popup, they then are not allowed to save/imlement changes.  These are clients who do NOT want to learn HTML.

2. Windows - both XP and Vista- also fuck with (sorry, there's no other  correct phrase) Flash by initialy forcing acceptance of the Flash object ans by placing a graphically problematic border around this "questionable material" (for which there's a Javascript workaround but- well, you see where that might often go)...

Hello!  Let's discuss web design issues.

Survey question:

If you are working with a client updating a site and you have to add a new menu item to a sidebar menu where no template was ever used, and the menu item link graphics initially were developed at an unknown resolution, contain bevels, and are embedded in a background color equivalent to the gradient brightness appropriate to that item based upon its placement on the page and in the menu (remember, it's on top of a gradient), and EACH PAGE implements the sidebar in a way unique enought to defy "Find and Replace" for code, do you:

A.  Create a completely new menu as library item or reusable object, implementing it on every page, as needed, but with real fonts being used rather than GIF images with attached background colors OR

B.  Would you try to reverse-engineer the single new button needed, trying to match font in the OnMouseout and trying to match font and Drop Shadow specifics in the OnMouseover, as well as the proper gradient level for the background?

Hope to hear from all of you.  See- I use this group for REAL web issues!



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