Welcome to Second Wind Hiking and Getaways,
Don't be fooled by the name of our group. I have tried to change the name many times but I like the name which has been handed down through the ages and has been tweaked here and there!!!

This group is for those who would like to learn more about the history of Colorado while hiking, camping and taking weekend road trips in areas where historical events happened and where Colorful Characters of Colorado's Past became legendary. Our hikes will include hiking into ghost town, cemeteries, mining districts, battlefields, towns and cities which are still prospering today as they were in the 1800’s. Cities and towns such as: Cripple Creek, Central City, Leadville and Victor, Durango and Silverton and of course Telluride.

We will of course have our traditional hiking and camping which will include an array of hikes, with various distances, degree of challenges and elevation gains. Most of the hikes and camping trips will be further into the mountains and away from the cities. Remember you're living in the eighth largest state in the United States, however you're able to get from one place to another by just driving over and around a mountain. Besides, isn't the journey a lot more exciting then the destination? The state is connected by highways and freeways so though a destination maybe miles away, they're only moments away!

Here is a list of items Diane made up for the group which you should always keep in your car, this way you'll never have to ask what you need to bring.

Water. Don’t underestimate how much you will need. We will be at elevation which means thin air and drier climate, so plan on drinking half a liter per mile.

Map and compass

Hat, eye protection, sunscreen: Even during the winter, at the higher elevations UV light is stronger because there is less atmosphere to filter it so you can get sunburned more easily. Sunglasses in summer, ski goggles in winter will protect your eyes from wind, which can get pretty fierce in the higher elevations.

Food/Snacks: A snack will help if you are feeling the effects of the higher elevations, too.

For winter hikes, wear real ski pants over long johns, stretch pants, or regular pants. Ski pants are water resistant and made for the cold climate. Blue jeans are not really good for hiking, as they offer little wind protection and take forever to dry out if they get wet. Layering is a good idea in case you get hot, wet, or it is very windy. Wind chill is not to be taken lightly. Winds of 10-20 MPH can make you feel up to 20 degrees colder, depending on how cold it is to begin with. Prepare for gusty wind always in the mountains. On a really cold day, bring a scarf, face protector, or balaclava (a ninja mask-looking headgear that covers your head, face, and neck).

Proper hiking shoes: Regular athletic shoes are not rugged enough for hiking in rough or steep terrain. You want hiking shoes or boots that will protect your feet from banging up against rocks and give plenty of traction on steep or slippery surfaces. If you’re going snowshoeing for the first time, put your snowshoes on and make sure you can put them on when you arrive at the trailhead (with your gloves and coat on – tricky!)

Gloves: Preferably ski gloves, which are padded and water resistant, or mittens, which actually keep your hands warmer than gloves do.

During the winter hikes you should always have these items in your car: Hand and foot warmers, Snowshoes, traction devices, Snow goggles and water resistant gloves.

Optional items: bug repellent, small first aid kit, whistle (for bears) if you can't whistle without one, a hiking pole (reduces uphill and downhill effort), tissues, chapstick, camera.

Disclaimer Information:
When Meetup members sign up and accept the Meetup Terms of Service, they are agreeing to the Release found in Section 6.2: This Release basically states that members attend events at their own risk, and release The Organizers, the assistant organizers and Meetup from any claims that may result in injury or death.

Purchasing a Colorado Outdoor Recreation Search and Rescue (CORSAR) Card. Why Buy a CORSAR Card? Colorado residents and visitors are well served by dedicated volunteer search and rescue teams, but mission costs are often in the thousands of dollars. By purchasing a CORSAR card you are contributing to the Search and Rescue Fund, which will reimburse these teams for costs incurred in your search and rescue. Funds remaining at the end of the year are used to help pay for training and equipment for these teams. Anyone with a current hunting/fishing license, or boat, snowmobile, ATV registration is already covered by the fund. The card is not insurance and does not reimburse individuals nor does it pay for medical transport. Medical transport includes helicopter flights or ground ambulance. If aircraft are used as a search vehicle, those costs are reimbursed by the fund. If the aircraft becomes a medical transport due to a medical emergency, the medical portion of the transport is not covered. The CORSAR cards are available for $3 for one year and $12 for five years, and can be purchased at over 300 retailers in the state. You may also purchase cards online. Please visit one of these links: Purchase Card Online With Credit Card.
For the cost of the card, you have helped ensure that trained and well equipped search and rescue teams will respond should you become lost or in need of rescue. Furthermore, volunteers will not have to incur undue expense due to your emergency.

To add to the disclaimer the organizers of Second Wind Getaways are not reponsible for transportation to or from our destinations, reserving lodging including motels, hotels, campgrounds and resorts. Be sure to purchase a CORSAR Card.

I hope you will have not only a good time but an educational experience as well.

I hope you'll have a good time!

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