Forming a Humanistic Chavurah

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Sent on: Thursday, September 10, 2009 10:17 AM
Hi all,
It looks like this group stopped being active back in February of 2009, but hopefully some of you folks are still out there.
I've just joined the SHJ and I'm a non-Jew. I'm going through the gerim process with a Reform rabbi to be accepted by the larger local Jewish community in my area, as well as thinking about also completing the adoption process for Humanistic Judaism through the Society for Humanistic Judaism as that is more consistent with my lifestance. As there are no local Humanistic Jewish communities of the SHJ, CSJO, Reconstructionist, or independent varieties, I was fortunate to find a progressive Reform rabbi who knows about my Humanistic leanings and is supportive. So I am going through the gerim process with her to be accepted by the local Jewish community as I live in a semi-rural area and Reform seems to be the umbrella grouping for all progressive Jews in the area.
Here's some background. My name is Dave and I live in Tehachapi, CA. I'm married with two children. My wife is nonreligious (was raised Catholic, but likes Jewish traditions and
culture) and supportive of my exploring Judaism and raising the children in that culture. For herself, she is not interested in converting for herself at this time. I am of multi-ethnic background (including some ancestors that are suspected to have been Jewish). I was raised Mormon but left many years ago and Christian dogma never really made much sense to me. Like many others, I did my rounds of spiritual seeking. My own tendencies are Humanistic (nontheistic) or perhaps Reconstructionist (religious naturalism) as
I do not believe in traditional theism. I have no interest in being "accepted" by the more Orthodox or Conservative elements.

As I live in Tehachapi, I am too far away to be able to participate in Adat Chaverim. Fortunately I also participate in an online Humanistic Jewish community at as well as the HJ Yahoo group.
If you know of folks out in the Kern County or Antelope Valley area (Tehachapi is between Bakersfield and the Lancaster/Palmdale area) who may be interested in forming a Humanistic Chavurah out in this area then please have them contact me.


David Salyers



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