October 14 2009
Dear President:

We request you pass this information on to your fellow fan club members and ask that all come to visit us when you come to Tupelo, Mississippi, the birthplace of Elvis Presley.

We also request that you inform the media in your area about our new museum so that we can spread the word to all world wide as soon as possible.

Thank you very much for your assistance,

Presley Heighs Museum,
Charlene Presley, Joyce Logan, and Linda Kinard

Michael Jackson's father Joe Jackson wants to turn Neverland into a venture as successful as late singer Elvis Presley's former home Graceland.

February 17 2009 : ElvisMatters
Tom Parker was born about 100 years ago
We have already dropped a hint on the Birthday Party and already gave a little foretaste on this website in January, but now we can proudly present to you the complete overview of the ELVISMATTERS WEEKEND in Breda on 26, 27 and 28 June.

On 26 June 2009 it will be exactly one hundred years ago that Andreas Cornelis van Kuijk (known as Dries) was born in Breda. This Dries, who emigrated to America at the age of nineteen, changed his name into Colonel Thomas A. Parker. Colonel Parker became world-famous as the manager of Elvis Presley. For 22 years, from 1955 till Elvis’s death in 1977, Dries van Kuijk, born and bred in Breda, was the manager of world’s biggest entertainer....

January 1 2009 Graceland Celebrates 70th Anniversary with New Exhibit.
Elvis purchased Graceland in March 1957 from Mrs. Ruth Brown Moore. The Colonial style mansion, built in 1939 by a prominent Memphis family, celebrates its 70th anniversary this year. In honor of the 70th anniversary, a special Graceland exhibit is now included as part of the VIP Tour.

September 24 2008 : Elvis Presley Newsletter @ http://www.elvispresl...)
Elvis Half-Sister: Eliza A. Presley, asserting that her father is Vernon Elvis Presley, father of Elvis Presley, filed a petition today in Shelby County Probate Court to reopen her father's estate The basis of Presley's suit is as a "pretermitted heir." This term designates one who would likely stand to inherit under a will, except that the person who wrote the will did not know or failed to mention the party at the time the will was written. Evidence in safekeeping with the petitioner suggests that many people knew that she was Vernon Elvis Presley's daughter. Presley, 46, was adopted at birth and just recently discovered that she is the daughter of Vernon Elvis Presley and hence half-sister of her father's famous son, Elvis, who died in 1977. The two have different mothers. Their father Vernon Elvis Presley was executor and trustee of his son Elvis' estate. Vernon Elvis Presley died two years later

June 01 2008
Every year, Elvis Matters presents as Award For Outstanding Achievement In The Elvis World
to a member of the Elvis Community. This year, they unanimously decided to present the
Award to Elvis' loyal friend and rhythm guitar player, John Wilkinson who is facing serious
health problems.

Hugh Jarrett, the former Jordanaires bass singer and sang backup for Elvis Presley on such
classics as 'Hound Dog', 'Don't Be Cruel' and 'Jailhouse Rock', died May 31st. Hugh's death
resulted from injuries sustained in an auto accident March 25th. He had been hospitalized
since that time.

May 27 2008
Baby Let's Play House' Re-Mix CD Single Available at Graceland and May 27th , Available on iTunes June 3 5/27/2008 Remixed by Italian DJ SPANKOX , Single Has Already Topped European Charts

February 21 2008
Priscilla Presley to join cast of ABC's Dancing with the Stars

Happy 40th Birthday Lisa Marie Presley

"WHAT SORT OF A MAN IS ELVIS? His friends know him as a perfect gentleman who doesn't smoke, drink or cuss.
So much has been written about Elvis Presley - both good and bad - that the average music fan is apt to be completely confused as to what kind of a person he really is. In this section of the ELVIS PRESLEY ALBUM, we'd like to do a brief character study of Elvis based on our own knowledge of the lad and reports from people who have been close to him. We feel that, after reading these paragraphs, you will be a little better informed as to the actual truth.
To begin with, those harsh critics of Elvis who accuse him of being "degenerate," "alcoholic" or "on dope" are merely venturing opinions rather than stating facts. For, if they were at all interested in discovering the truth of the matter - and not bent on turning out sensational newspaper columns - they would quickly find out how unjust their criticisms are." OFFICIAL ELVIS PRESLEY ALBUM - A CHARLTON PUBLICATION.

February 15 2008:
Greetings fellow member,
I hope this edition of the fourth Email of ElvisOnLine.Org finds you well as we are settled quite well into 2008.
Issue 4/08 is packed with the latest Elvis information from online and around the world.
Well who could have thought that 2007 would have been as huge as of a success it was, as declared by Prescilla Presley and Elvis Presley Enterprises Inc., with 2008 to follow suit.

...............2007 A Monumental Year In Passing..............
In 1977, the loss of Elvis Presley left the world a huge void in the world of show business. With high ambitions for the new tour to commence late in August 1977, the case of touring scarves as pictured in Elvis By The Presleys, for the tour that never was. It is reasonable to consider that Europe was on the horizon. Although speculated post Aloha '73, it was a possibility then four years later, with Elvis considering the rejuvenation of his then alledged stalemate career, anything was possible. As ElvisOnLine learnt from my interview with Elvis' confident and hairstylist, Elvis was considering alternative career directions, with movie production, advancement in his acting abilities and possibility of becoming and forming a movie company as a producer/director as did Clint Eastwood, the world was his oyster. However, faith had no such intent...
2007 would be of course special. Elvis' thirtieth anniversary of his passing was marked with his life celebrated. The annual celebration of the midnight candle vigil received record attendees and Graceland recording massive visiting fans, marking a milestone since opening in 1982. The then concerns of its success, being no such issue. How could anybody immediately think post Elvis' passing that he would be still as popular. Again, my mind being continually drawn to his inquiry with Charlie Hodge sometime in the early seventies, "Do you think when I die, people will remember me?". And so we consider events for 2008....

...............................2008 Beholds..................
Well, 2008 plans to be great! Simple. With a hinting from Priscilla Presley at the birthday cutting of the cake celebration re 2008 to be "a year of surprises... so therefore we know what to do.' 2008 marks the 40th anniversary of the breathtaking performance of Elvis' return to live music in the NBC 1968 Special. Although recorded on June 27th and 30th of that year, it would not be aired until the 3rd December 1968 to acclaimed reviews returning Elvis to the musical platform, in a time when the Beatles were conquering America.
Whats Hot...
With EPE suggesting a year of surprises, will we be treated to the possible release of previously unreleased recordings. Do tey exist or have we experienced everything to date? What do you think?

......................And Whats Not...
Speculation of the talked about Elvis On Tour release on special DVD release, something similar to the This Is Elvis Special Edition has been shelved for time present. It was reported that is was on the cards... We await with anticipation...
Distribution rights for John Carpenter's Elvis The Movie, starring Kurt Russell ceases negotiations. Its release also being shelved for time present.

31st Dec 2007: Elvis' granddaughter is set to marry at age 20 Riley Keough to Marry Rock Star

22nd December 2007
Elvis Presley fans send new historic remix of Baby Let?s Play House to number 1 of the iTunes Top Singles chart in Italy

25th October 2007 1)Californian Fires..2)Blue Hawaii Remembered

22nd Oct.2007..Bill Clinton & Elvis Presley
Singer Teresa Brewer died

15th Oct.2007Montgomery Gentry - Graceland's Latest Celebrity Visitors

14th Sept 2007--The 21st Century King

13th Sept 2007The Original Bling King

12th Sept 2007..ABC Press Release-Viva Las Vegas
Elvis is a karate 7th degree black belt-Chuck Norris remembers Elvis

1st Sept 2007..Lisa Marie Presley interviews by Spinner magazine
Lisa Marie Presley interviews by Diane Sawyer of ABC News

28th Aug 2007..Priscilla interviews by Larry King

26th Aug 2007: How Elvis fought ethnic discrimination


In U.K.Elvis The King's album is still No.1 at this time and is currently 500 copies ahead of the No.2 by Newton Faulkner.

16th Aug 2007Fan Dies In Elvis Week Heat
Elvis & Lisa Marie Presley In The Ghetto

7th Aug 2007Message from Lisa Marie Presley

3rd Aug 2007Remember The Real Elvis

1st Aug 2007Graceland Overhaul
Elvis Magazine - Anniversary message

31st July 2007Ann-Margaret, Priscilla & Dee
Stanley Movie Seeks Investors
Elvis' Mixed Legacy In The Black Community

18 July 07Enough With The Elvis Trashing
ELVIS AT NUMBER ONE - #1 best selling music DVD in the UK
11 June 07 Elvis - The Greatest Singer of all-time Britain's Q magazine (The Essential music guide) recently selected the finest voices in music history.
Presented as a list of the 100 Greatest singers, their 10 greatest songs were also nominated.
Johnny Cash made #14, Roy Orbison #23, Ray Charles #24, Tom Jones #71 and Smokey Robinson #95.
Here are the top ten with you-know-who at Number One!]

Elvis Presley Secret - My name is CJ Carl, and I would appreciate it if you would take a look at a website I've just published and let me know if you think this is something you would be interested in sharing with your Group.
The website offers a Scrapbook, which holds an incredible collection of never
before seen Elvis items. Billy Miller, Elvis Presley's private investigator and self proclaimed "pack rat", who owns one of the largest private collections of Elvis mementos in the world, has agreed to allow the pictures, copies and stories of hundreds of documents and Elvis items to be published in a 30th Anniversary Tribute to his friend and employer, Elvis Presley.
This "Scrapbook" contains many documents, pictures and items that have
never been seen before, along with documented proof of their authenticity!
It is a beautiful, hard bound, yearbook style, full color, collectors edition

15 May 2007-Listen to Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist from Canada Chris MacDonald

4th May 2007-Duet Single Poll Result

HEADLINE : No Single For Elvis & Celine-fans unhappy


Colin Paul Wrote (26/04/07)

Dave Walker Wrote (26/04/07)
I just cant stop watching this what an awesome performance it put a shiver down
my spine, this is exactly how to promote Elvis. I got to go now as I have to watch it
again then again I havent been this excited since A little less conversation went to
number 1.

Briget Wrote (26/04/07)
Well I have just listened to this and I am gobsmacked.
I'm not all that keen on Celines voice as she gets carried away a bit and her voice
can be a bit irritating. Sorry Celine fans . LOL.

Anyway this duet is amazing. She complimented Elvis' voice and let the song
remain Elvis Presleys song and him in control of it. Wow. Dunno what else to say.
AMAZING +++++ Is there a link BBM where we can get to see the footage.??

E.E.R Wrote (26/04/07)
We have just seen the video of the performance and after the goosebumps had
gone down and the tears in the eyes dried away............This is an amazing video
and performance.

Tony King emailed me and said he is proud to be an Elvis fan after seeing this
and I agree, Well done to American Idol and lets hope EPE and Sony/BMG get
this out on the market in time for August

Chad from the USA Wrote (26/04/07)
The Celine Dion and Elvis duet blew me away! It was AMAZING!!! I can't imagine
how anyone couldn't of liked and been impressed by this. It really felt as though
Elvis was on stage. It brought goose bumps and tears to my eyes!!!

Lee - you gotta see it, if you haven't. I was so moved.

Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest 2007-the first

Elvis, How Great Thou Art, A Portrait of The Artist.

ARE YOU GOING TO ELVIS WEEK THIS YEAR? The best ones are every five years on the big anniversaries and this is the 30th. There will be more events to see, many that won't be repeated in the future due to the advancing age of Elvis' band mates, friends, and others who played a part in his life, including
the Elvis Cruise featuring The Jordanaires, The Imperials, The TCB Band & others
Fan Club Incentive Package

Is this the way to treat fans?

March 8th 1961

Memories From Julie Parrish co-star from Paradise Hawaiian Style

Still Taking Care Of Business-Sonny West

Elvis Duets- Many people think that Elvis didn't do that many duets, but that's not the truth. Here is the track listing for the soon be released double CD "Elvis Duets"

Remember Herman's Hermits? Chat with Peter Noone

The Estate of Elvis Presley & The Elvis Presley Trust

Stylish Elvis Shoes

Last Will & Testament Of Elvis Aaron Presley Declared on March 3 1977

CKX Report

Elvis Is UK's Greatest

Is EPE Price Gouging Fans?

Elvis Is Top

Lisa Marie Invited

2007 The Great European Tour

King Of EBAY-Elvis' 2 songs not release

Elvis 68 Special Novelty Sign

Elvis music lovers- Celebrate Elvis

The Man Who Owns Elvis

Fans Forever Memorial Wall in Tupelo


Elvis The Magazine-so much to read

Listen to what Joe Esposito, rumor buster, has to say about the most outrageous lies ever spread about Elvis. The Elvis committed suicide lie spread and concocted by David Stanley.
More from Joe Esposito

2007 Milestone Anniversaries
Elvis The Untold Story
What Did Elvis Write To A Tribute Artist?
Where is Elvis?
Ali Still Loves The Elvis Sound
30th Anniversary Event coming to town
Elvis at the Movies Musical coming to town

30 Years later, Elvis continues his reign

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