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New Meetup: Learn About HTML5 and the Future of the Web on May 11th

Aleksandar G.
Group Organizer
San Francisco, CA

After more than five years in development, HTML5 has finally arrived! Ok, it is still considered Editor's Draft by the W3C and Draft Standard by WHATWG, but it's not just a hype any more - it's happening, and its impact will be huge! It will change the web as we know it.

For our May 11th event we are extremely fortunate to have not one, not two, but three amazing speakers share their passion for HTML5 with us.

First up is Brad Neuberg from Google, who is on the Google Docs team and has focused on HTML5 advocacy in the past! As an expert speaker on HTML5, Brad's main task will be to explain why HTML5 matters - to consumers as well as developers!

His overview of HTML5 will include SVG/Canvas rendering, CSS transforms, app-cache, local databases, web workers, and much more. He will also identify the scope and practical implications of the changes that are coming along with HTML5 support in modern browsers.

Next up will be Giorgio Sardo from Microsoft, who is a Web Technical Evangelist and works on the Microsoft Web Stack and Internet Explorer. He's been speaking at hundreds of conferences around the world about the Windows Web and Mobile Platform, Web Standards, HTML5, and much more.

Giorgio will talk about HTML5, CSS 3, SVG, Fast JavaScript support coming in the Internet Explorer 9 platform. His presentation will include demos showcasing the latest code, providing you best practices to make your web application standards compliant, fast and interoperable cross browsers.

You heard right! Microsoft's been actively participating in the HTML5 standards process!

Finally, we'll have Peter Lubbers from Kaazing, co-author of Pro HTML5 Programming (Apress 2010), explain how the new HTML5 Communication APIs can be used to build real-time web applications. He will cover:
  • Web Sockets
  • Server-Sent Events
  • XMLHttpRequest Level 2
  • Cross-Document Messaging

HTML5 Web Sockets introduces a full-duplex, bidirectional communications channel that operates over a single socket, allowing you to do all kinds of incredible things from your web applications. For example, you can communicate with any TCP-based back-end service (Stomp, JMS, Jabber, XMPP, and so on), which enables developers to code directly against back-end services.

HTML5 provides not just another incremental enhancement to conventional HTTP communications; it represents a colossal advance, especially for real-time, event-driven web applications, eliminating many the problems and complexity that Comet and AJAX solutions are prone to and providing a dramatic reduction in latency and network throughput (think 1000:1)!

Throughout the session, Peter will use real-world examples to demonstrate the powerful simplicity of HTML5 Communication.

Pizzas for this event will be sponsored by Diana Henninger from TEKsystems and refreshments will be brought in by David Sadler from Guidewire Software!

Be sure to stick around until the end to get a shot at winning books, software licenses, T-shirts, and other interesting goodies from Sun (err, Oracle), O'Reilly, JetBrains, etc.

You don't want to miss this event! This will sell-out, so RSVP soon!

Here's the rough agenda for the evening. Yes, this will be a marathon, but it will be worth it!
5:30pm-5:50pm: Arrive and mingle
5:50pm-6:00pm: Announcements
6:00pm-7:00pm: Brad Neuberg's presentation
7:00pm-7:10pm: Break
7:10pm-8:10pm: Giorgio Sardo's presentation
8:10pm-8:20pm: Break
8:20pm-9:20pm: Peter Lubbers' presentation
9:20pm-9:30pm: Wrap-up and giveaways

Note that this event is taking place at Microsoft's San Francisco Office at 835 Market Street, 7th floor (Golden Gate room). Next to the Westfield Mall.

I hope to see many of you there!


Aleksandar (Saša) Gargenta
Marakana Inc.

About Brad Neuberg
Brad Neuberg is a software engineer on the Google Docs team.
He used to be a developer advocate at Google for the Open Web and HTML5 and an acknowledged expert in pushing web browsers in new directions. He is the creator of a number of JavaScript libraries and frameworks, including Dojo Storage, Dojo Offline, and Really Simple History, many of which preceded and helped influence HTML5. Brad worked with Douglas Engelbart on the HyperScope project; explored deeply collaborative web browsers with Paper Airplane and collaborative libraries with the Internet Archive; worked on one of the first web-based RSS aggregators; and was a Developer Advocate for the Gears project where he helped both sell Gears and implement solutions for such partners as MySpace, WordPress, and more.

He is currently working on the SVG Web library, a drop-in JavaScript toolkit that brings SVG 1.1 support to Internet Explorer, including building an SVG implementation using SVG Web into Wikipedia. Brad has extensive experience in the open source community, contributing code to Mozilla, JXTA, Apache Jakarta, and more. His experience includes developing distributed systems on Wall Street, building electronic option exchanges, and working with Java for more than a decade. Brad also created Coworking, an international grassroots movement to establish a new kind of workspace for the self-employed. Coworking spaces are now across the globe, including Paris, New York City, and San Francisco, and have been covered by the New York Times, Business Week, and more.

In his work at Google Brad has presented talks and keynotes around the world, including at Yahoo, JavaOne, Web 2.0, and more. Brad blogs at and is a contributor to

About Giorgio Sardo:
Giorgio Sardo works as Web Technical Evangelist in Microsoft Corporation. Moving from Italy to the United States, he studied at Polytechnic of Turin and successfully obtained a Master of Computer Engineering with distinction. Before joining Microsoft, Giorgio leaded a national university community forum in Italy and won the Imagine Cup worldwide championship. He started his experience in Microsoft UK as User Experience Consultant, delivering stunning solutions (from fancy web sites with BBC, to futuristic Aston Martin in-car prototypes...) based on Silverlight, WPF and Mobile. In 2008 he has been nominated Best Consultant of the Year from the British Computer Society. Early 2009 Giorgio moved to Redmond to work on the Microsoft Web Stack and Internet Explorer. He's currently involved in many cool projects with popular top sites and he loves meeting the most crazy web developers to discuss the future of the Web. In the last few years he's been speaking at hundreds of conferences around the world about the Windows Web and Mobile Platform, Web Standards, HTML5, and much more.

About Peter Lubbers:
Peter Lubbers is the Director of Documentation and Training at Kaazing. Peter is the co-author of the Apress book "Pro HTML5 Programming" and teaches HTML5 training courses. An HTML5 and WebSocket enthusiast, Peter frequently speaks at international events.

Prior to joining Kaazing, Peter worked as an information architect at Oracle, where he wrote many books, such as the award-winning Oracle Application Server Portal Configuration Guide and the Oracle Application Server Developer's Guide for Microsoft Office. Peter also develops documentation automation solutions and two of his inventions are patented.

Before joining Oracle, Peter architected and developed the internationalized Microsoft Office User Specialist Testing Framework. Peter was also a technical reviewer for the book "Pro JSF and Ajax: Building Rich Internet Components" (Apress, 2006).

A native of the Netherlands, Peter served as a Special Forces commando in the Royal Dutch Green Berets. In his spare time (ha!) Peter likes to run ultra-marathons. He is the 2007 and 2009 series champion and three-time winner of the Tahoe Super Triple marathon. Peter lives on the edge of the Tahoe National Forest and loves to run in the Sierra Nevada foothills and around Lake Tahoe (preferably in one go!). Don’t worry though—he won’t make you run laps around the building or do pushups during the meetup!

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