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Monitor color calibration

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Does anyone have any recommendations on a color calibration hardware setup they can recommend. Just reading the reviews and shopping around, it appears that the X-Rite Eye One Display series is the best, with Huey and Spyder somewhere down below in popularity.

If anyone has any hands on experience, I'd love to hear about it.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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Miami, FL
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I use Spyder2Pro on a regular basis and it works fine when you follow the instructions. I work on a dual flat screen set-up and it handles it great. I removed the adobe gamma file from my computer in order to avoid conflicts. The Spyder also allows for ambient room light if you are dealing with that issue.
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Thanks for the recommendation! I'm working on a dual LCD monitor set up too - I'm hoping after I calibrate my monitors, not only will my screen match my printer (which it already does) but it'll match other people's screens too. My main problem right now is photos that look fine on my screen look way, way too dark and yellow on other people's monitors. Hopefully, calibrating my monitor will solve the problem.

I tried adobe gamma, no luck. So I uninstalled it, and tried "Calibrize" which is a nice free program - again, no luck. Hopefully hardware calibration will be much better than software/by-eye calibration :-)
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Miami, FL
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Hi Andrew, I have also been using spider with very good results. have a great holiday. Al

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Post #: 238
Thanks Al! You too~

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Miami, FL
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I'm having a similar issue. I was happy with how my monitor (iMac) was calibrated but I bought the i1 Display Pro by Xrite thinking it would make everything 10x better but after calibrating it this software my monitor now looks super dark. I don't know if this is normal as I haven't tested with new prints. Before it was re-calibrated the monitor was a lot brighter than now and the prints matched pretty darn close to what I saw onscreen. Now the monitor is very very dark. I'm trying not to get stressed and remain calm to fix the problem w/o a headache. Does anyone have any advise?
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It's been a while since I did my own printing, so I might be a little rusty....

Monitor calibration doesn't always make a display look "better." A person's taste for brightness and contrast in their computer monitors is pretty subjective, and its possible that proper calibration can make a monitor look subjectively "worse." (That being said, don't completely distrust your eyes -- I used a monitor calibration device and thought my screen looked too green afterward... but figured it was just my imagination. Turns out, a year later, I learn a number of these calibration devices had a faulty sensor and skewer monitors to the green side. I returned it for a replacement, and it looked much better afterward.)

But a properly-calibrated monitor, paired with an appropriate printer/paper profile, should get you closer to prints that match what you see on-screen. So even if your screen looks dark, if you use the correct printer/paper profile, your prints should be relatively close to what you see on the screen.

That being said, color management and profiles, after all these years, still gives me headaches on occasion. I say give the calibration a good try and if you can't get it to work no matter how hard you try, then go back to what works for you. No sense in banging your head against a wall if you are happy with your prints on an non-calibrated monitor. I've known photographers who have printed so much on their non-calibrated monitors that they have good idea of what a print will look like based on what their monitor shows. The only downside to this method is you run into problems sending out your images to third-party printers.

Good luck!
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