The Exact Things to say to “Women” on your first Date!

From: The G.
Sent on: Thursday, March 11, 2010 11:47 AM
et?s be honest first dates all too often can be awkward and uncomfortable for both parties.

The Women are thinking, ?is this guy safe to be around??, and the men are thinking ?What do I say next??? Women for the most part don?t make a mans job easy as their always asking themselves a million questions within their internal monologue while on a date!!!

Meanwhile the guy is just trying to have a good
time and trying to genuinely learn more about
the woman sitting across from him!.

There are rules to dating just like there are rules to doing your laundry.
Everybody knows that you don?t put chlorine in the colors only the whites.
Then why all to often do guys violate all the rules to dating?

It?s probably because no one has ever explained them the rules,
Here?s a few for beginners:

Rule #1 Never go to dinner or a movie on a first date?That was done in the 50?s and is way too old fashion. Plus you don?t know each other well enough to do so.

Rule #2: If you go out for drinks only buy one round if she likes to drink like a fish let her by the next round-this will show you if she is respectful or just out for free drinks.

Rule #3: Don?t apologize for who you are too many men are apologizing for being men!

Now I know that many women have recently read these emails and many have gone into blind rages as they read these post by yours truly. But let?s be honest women want men that are decisive and not wussies! So for all the women out their reading this email do us all a favor and pass it along to any male friends you have that need to get a clue and tell them to RSVP to our
Amazing group where we teach men to be Spartans @
BTW This group is for MEN ONLY sorry to disappoint all you women out their!

Yours truly,


P.S. This Friday we will be covering the top 10 conversation pieces that will help you break the ice and get past the friend zone!!!

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