Giving Thanks

From: Jon H.
Sent on: Saturday, November 26, 2011 9:43 AM

Hello Everyone,

So, as many of you know, I am not usually one for tradition, but this is one that I would like to uphold this year since it has been SO long since I've had time to put together an email thanking all of you for your generous support of the charities and non-profits that I've selected.

In the beginning, I thought that asking the members of this incredible group, that I have had the most distinguished honor of organizing for, to donate to the organizations would be too much to ask. I thought, foolishly as it turns out, that it might drive members away. But you all have shown me just how much I've underestimated you, and I cannot even begin to put into words how profoundly proud that makes me.

In the last 8 months, since the big change over, this group has grown phenomenally; it's gone from about 95 members to just about double that: 187 members!! And we have raised a jaw-dropping $619.32 for the charities and non-profits so far!!! Here are a list of the charities and non-profits that we collectively have supported, and the amounts that we were able to donate:

  1. March: Haiti Emergency Relief Fund - $75.00
  2. April: Direct Relief International (Tsunami Relief in Japan) - $75.00
  3. May: Iraq Veterans Against the War - $41.00
  4. June: Southern Center for Human Rights - $65.00
  5. July: - $95.00
  6. August: The Nuclear Age Peace Foundation - $18.32 (Yes, every single penny counts! =))
  7. September: Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood - $100.00
  8. October: Bindlestiff Studios - $100.00
  9. November: The Native American Right Fund - $50.00

You know, every time I feel like all of the work that I put into organizing this group is too much and that it's taking up too much of my free time, or even when I'm just feeling a little down, all I have to do is take a quick look at this list, this tribute to the awe-striking generosity, and it's all I need. So, THANK YOU to all of you for making this all possible. THANK YOU for giving so generously! And, most of all, THANK YOU for proving to me that, even in the toughest of times with record unemployment, debt and inequality between the classes, people can still find it in their hearts to muster up something to share with others, even when they have so little for themselves.

As an additional thank you, I just have one small additional request. I have been noticing that at the end of most meetups that I have been missing one of more score sheets from the rounds we've played. Which has lead me to not giving out prizes for the past 4 or 5 months. So now, I have an almost overflowing prize box, and I really want to start sharing those discs with everyone again. So, if you're one of those wonderful people that volunteers to help me keep score each week, please make sure to get those score sheets to at the end of the round, and please make sure to note at the bottom of the sheet the date and course we played. With this, I can make sure that I get those discs into deserving hands and they can be thrown as they were destined to be. =)

And, with that, I will leave you, for now, with one promise: in the coming year, there will be more disc golf, more money raised for very worthy causes, and more ideas to make each meetup more fun!

Hope to see you out there again folks!!


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