Our meeting on Wednesday, Sept 24

From: Vicki L.
Sent on: Thursday, September 25, 2008 11:54 AM
Hola amigos.
We had a good group and lively conversation. I believe that we were able to get through the whole meeting without talking even once about a restaurant! For those of you who did not attend, look at the list of words we added to our vocabularies. Can you imagine the wide range of topics we must have talked about to use all fo these words?!

Some new words for some of our members:
Sorry, I haven't yet been able to figure out how to make the spanish special characters appear on this page.
Competition = competencia
mother-in-law = suegra
risk management = controlar riesgos
bathtub = (Cuba) banadera - (Mexico) = tina (banadera tilde on the n)
take a shower = (Cuba) dar me una ducha (Mexico) banarme (tilde on the n)
to differentiate between a shower and a bath in Mexico, you can say banarse en la tina (take a bath) or banarse en la regadera (take a shower)
yard work - arreglar el jardin o cortar la hierba
pencil sharpener - sacapuntas
ball point pen = boligrafo (accent on the i)
endangered = en peligro
dam (to hold back water) presa
to spell = deletrear
limited = limitada
connection = conexion (accent on the o)
engineer = ingeniero
engineering = ingenieria (accent on the final i)
numb or asleep = hormiguero
I was worried = me puse inquieto o me preocupe (preocupe - acent on the final e)
to let go and speak or to loose your inhibitions and speak = a soltarse a hablar
swan = cisne
vineyard =vinedo (tilde on the n)
winery = destileria (accent on the final i)
familiar with = familirizado(a)
firemen= bomberos
competent = competente
challenge = reto desafio
I was fired = me corrieron o me despidieron
dirty (worthless) = mugre
She doesn't attend = se separo o no participa mas (separo accent on the o)
unit of a hospital = unidad
crickets = grillos
lizard or pushups = largartija hacer largartijas (do pushups)

Gracias todos por assistir. Hasta miercoles!

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