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How we could forge an alliance between the left and the libertarian party.

Suzette W.
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Fort Worth, TX
Post #: 11
Jeff - Seems to be that much of what you say would be solved if more of us held our politicians accountable more of the time. We as a people aren't willing to do that and we suffer because of it. Our elected officials simply go unchecked and they think they can solve more and more problems by throwing money at them and it's become politically incorrect to speak up and say, "no" as a politician.

How about No more tax breaks for anyone -- large, small, in between -- no company gets a tax break? If the market is there, it will survive, jobs will be created, our municipalities won't be losing monies for infrastructure, politicians won't be making backroom deals with leaders of companies, etc. No more tax breaks for businesses, enough already. Period. Perhaps this would be a start to addressing our problems, at least from a local standpoint.
Jeff D.
Houston, TX
Post #: 44
Rather than "tax breaks" for targeted businesses, we need (massive) tax relief across the board. We also need to make it easier for businesses to create jobs by removing the regulations and statutes that hamper job creation. -- Jeff Daiell
A former member
Post #: 11
Unfortunately, pushing deregulation has just gotten much harder for us via the latest economic apocalypse, as unfortunately, deregulation is getting most of the blame. This whole mess has given birth to another economic fallacy (ALL deregulation is bad) that the media and socialists are spreading like wildfire.

My buddy, who is your typical sound-bite driven polignorant, blew up at me when the subject of deregulation came up due to his frustration over this fiasco and the deregulation of Texas power companies(he thinks he's getting screwed). I can also slowly see that he's becoming a democrat...which bums me out...I can't sell him on Libertarianism because of his sound-bite driven nature (plus his Berkeley educated mega-democrat little brother has gotten his ear).

But I digress. My point is, thanks to the press and another wildfire of economic fallacies, we have yet another perception battle we can add to our list.

user 8266615
Euless, TX
Post #: 2
I am glad to hear that many of you are open to a very practical arrangement and are not stuck on this "blame the democrats, and the republicans are only bad because they were silent" bullshit.

What is libertarian about the Patriot Act? What is libertarian about the Iraq War? What is libertarian about running campaigns on gay marriage? What is libertarian about the war on drugs? the war on terror? Homeland Security? Massive Deficit Spending? Huge Mounting Debt?

If thats "silence" then its deafening. To the others here: you need to set this kool-aid drinking segment of the Libertarians straight, the republicans have MORE than their fair share of blame to go around.

To the ones advocating alliances: I am encouraged by what I hear. You MUST break away from this republican wing and embrace the left. Remember the Nolan Chart and what it teaches. Libertarians and the left are not as at odds as libertarians and authoritarians (Bush, Stalin). Libertarians and Liberals both want individual and social freedoms, libertarians just extend that to economic freedom as well. All the things above I mentioned can be solved included in my first post issues of Federal Reserve, Fiat Money not backed by anything, war on drugs, massive spending, military spending, wars, military bases everywhere, etc etc. Those things are VERY important and can be agreed upon or compromised upon by both sides, because their greater purpose is the same.

Break away from these disenfranchised republicans and embrace the left who have been exposed to libertarians by both Ron Paul, and disgust with the 2 party system that can't seem to get anything done, gives them no options on the bailout, and a host of other issues already mentioned.
A former member
Post #: 13
I would say the New Roman Empire Party (Republicans) have out-democrated the Democrats the last eight years in the rampant spending department...but there is plenty of blame to spread around. I certainly don't consider myself "dotted lined" to the New Roman Empire Party, I have equal contempt for them and the Dems. :^)
A former member
Post #: 8
In my opinion, the Libertarian Party does not need to embrace the left - or the right for that matter - for both are equally flawed ideologies. The Libertarian Party needs to stand for the principles of liberty and welcome in all those regardless of previous party affiliation who agree with furthering this cause. Sometimes liberals and conservatives will agree with us, or us with them on a variety of issues. This does not make us Republocrats and it does not make them champions of freedom.
Jeff D.
Houston, TX
Post #: 47
David, I don't think "embrace the Left" meant to adopt their economic principles, but merely to reach out to lefties on the issues on which we do agree. And reaching out is always a good idea.

In my previous runs for office, I have always attracted support from both Left and Right. Now, even more than before, war resisters, tax protesters, and defenders of The Bill Of Rights must ally.

Jeff Daiell

A former member
Post #: 9
A warning:

"[Socrates] understood (what modern political reformers and revolutionaries seem unable to understand) that a reform cannot be achieved by a well-intentioned leader who recruits his followers from the very people whose moral confusion is the cause of the disorder".

-Eric Voegelin, Order and History
A former member
Post #: 20
I don't consider us "embracing" either side...I think there are liberty minded people in both factions of the Republicrat party that would gladly join the LP if the party would just quit portraying itself as a bunch of conspiracy-theory embracing required, just a lot less obstinance and a lot more common sense.
Jeff D.
Houston, TX
Post #: 49
I know of very few LPers that embrace conspiracy theories. Perhaps what we need is less (incorred) sniping at one another.

I've been with the LP for years, and I can tell you, based on the election returns and my own experience as an activist and candidate, that there are three main reasons why we don't win more elections. In no particular order: (1) We have very little funding, since we do not receive the special interest largess that the two tax-subsidized parties draw. (2) The news media often refuse to even mention our candidates, even in articles summarizing a particular campaign (I saw some articles this year that did not even include the traditional single sentence about the LPer in the race). (3) There is a leeriness about "third" parties that is ingrained in most voters since first grade, if not from birth.

To overcome these, we need more person-to-person contact, and we need libertarians to become reporters and teachers. In those ways we can go around the barriers we face.

Jeff Daiell

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