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Having played a pre-ordained role in my family as the MC of the Chinese tea ceremony, I was confronted by a rather formidable task of exposing to all attending wedding guests as to the wonders of the Chinese tea ceremony and why it played an unbroken role as being traditional to a Chinese marriage. Thus to fulfil may role, I decided to undertake further research and more cultural historical insights into the evolution of the Chinese tea culture , trade, dinning and drinking and preparation to unlock its mystique and wondrous mystery as written by Martha Avery's Chinese horse tea trade and tea road .
Glimpses of the evolution of the Chinese tea cultural history
Sublime golden era of the Chinese shamanic age in neoploatic times when the dawn of the Chinese civilisation was characterised by the rule of Chinese sage kings of Emperor Yao, Shun and Yu , Fu xi , Sheng nong and Huang di or the Yellow Emperor . Collectively known as the five Augustus ones , they were offered wine and sacrificial offerings which was later replaced by offering of tea.
1. Sheng Nong, the Emperor deity of Horticulture and the usage of herbs whom the significance of tea was attributed to with his discovery of tea being a wild creeper that grew beneath the Sichuan cliffs and became deitified as the Chinese teas god . This shamanic discovery of tea of the Chinese golden era of the Xia dynasty divine chronicles corresponded to European discovery of herbalism by the various Celtic tribes of druids.

2. Sichuan, Western and north eastern Chinese regional provinces spurred on the spread of Daoism accompanied tea trade as the catalyst of the Chinese civilisation with Western China and the north eastern provinces from time immemorial being legendary abode of the Kunlun mountains of the gods of the Taoist pantheon and hermit sages . They are still popular strong holds and practises of Taoist practices of Alchemy and the search for immortality and elixir of life today .

3. A further development was the veneration of Great Yu or the Chinese Tribal chief of the Chinese Agrarian age following the biblical great floods and Gilgamesh epic . The Chinese who were a dissident semantic tribe like the Jews migrated from Babylon during the Akkadian King Sargon the Great into the Asian Steppes and settled in north Asia and the river basins of The Yellow River Delta and the Yangtze .
China continuous link by trade with Akkadian kings , India and Greece led to the planting and trading in rice and agricultural development when wheat was discovered in Ancient Mesopotamia in today’s Iraq.

4. It was during this tribal inception in food and agriculture of Yu the great or the Chinese equivalent of Noah that transformed a slavish tribal food hunting and barbaric society to a highly cultivated and collective agricultural society accompanied the worship of the mother earth fertility goddess .

5. In the 4th century Han dynasty, China being more literate under the peasant emperor rule of Han Liu Bang that China was developed into suburban communities and the earth fertility goddess was raised to became the Western mother or Xi Wang mu to be revered as a governing chief pantheon in the High Clarity or Supreme purity Taoist sect .

6. Huang di or the Yellow Emperor who came after the time of Yu the Great was venerated as the father and founder of the Chinese civilisation . The Yellow Emperors’ Cannon which is a compendium of Traditional Chinese medicine and health sciences extensively covers studies in internal medicine , human anatomy , meridian channelling and blood circulation , balance of mind , boday and spirit , seasonal synchronism, planetary ecology , celestial bodies and astral projections contributed to health nourishment. The drinking of tea as a health tonic became customary. It also contributed to Chinese health Qi gong health care exercise of Dao yin Qigong and the high clarity or supreme purity school of thought where tea drinking stimulated the nervous systems in pursing the mediative quests for awakening into inner self-realisation.
This development in China's history could be compared to discoveries made in the latent mechanism of the bio-human dynamic evolution of ancient Greece of the pre-Aristotle era , pre-pythgraon esoteric mathematics, Egyptian magic and beliefs in hyper-dimensional physics and Babelonish religions and study of celestial bodies that we get most of today's eastern religions, mysticisms , esoteric sciences , Gnosticism , postmodern mathematics and technical sciences and medicine . The Chinese and middle eastern races were well ahead of Europe with their spectrum of eastern sciences and metaphysical developments that preceded the discoveries of Norman Bethune, Newton , Carl Jung and Ken Wilbur's theory of Emergence .
Daoism spreaded locally with tea being a priced commodity spreader into from Sichuan and western provinces into the autonomous regions, enroute to Sikkim in Tibet , the Khyber pass into India and connecting to the middle east.
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