Membership Request - Profile Questions

We receive many requests for membership and welcome them. However, we seek members who can fit in and add to the vibrancy of our team.

Please do review the About Us Page, Our Near Terms Plans and also the interactions in our forthcoming and past events to get a feel for The Write Team’s culture. Yes, please embark on some discovery work before making your request.

We also have some profile questions to help us gauge your membership request. Treat these questions as first impressions at a job interview. If you don't bother to take these questions seriously, it tells us something and we will not bother with your request too. As repeatedly stressed throughout this website - we are not desperate to simply increase numbers.


Please introduce yourself by name, for example, how you would like us to address you (important) and some background about yourself.

Simply saying “Hi” is not an introduction. As potential authors, we expect you to come up with something more creative than “Hi”.

Please provide a brief of your writing.

We expect something brief but informative; about 20 to 50 words, that gives an overview of your writing to date. More is okay but not less. You can speak of your blog or any writing project you’re working on.

What do you hope to get from this meetup?

As a potential writer, treat this question as a prompt and write something - show your budding flair for words and again about 20 to 50 words. More is okay but not less.

How many other Meetup Groups are you member of and active in?

We expect specific numbers. Example, I’m member of 10 Meetups but active in 3.

“Not many” or “A few” or “NA” and similar vagueness are not acceptable answers.

Photo Image and Name

A photo image and name are prerequisites for membership.

Photo image - in other words, your picture. Caricatures and images of scenery are not acceptable.

Your name - single names such as Joe or XYZ are not acceptable.

Exceptions for photo image and/or name applies to applicants and existing Write Teamsters known to the Organizer.

We require transparency as you’ll be posting un-moderated comments on The Write Team’s bulletin board.

If you can’t meet any of the above requirements - your membership request will be disallowed.

Thank you for your understanding.

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