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Omaha, NE
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This legislation is riddled with exemptions for unions, special provisions for minorities to the point of pure racism, as well as complete loss of privacy and natural rights and freedoms. The IRS now has control over your financial records, and can take your property, bank accounts, or tax refunds to insure that you have government approved medical insurance, All of your medical records now become public knowledge in the name of "improved electronic record keeping". Any lackey government employee, or any agency that the new commissioner deems appropriate, now is given access to your most personal information, it becomes public knowledge.

What kind of exemptions and special provisions for minorities? I am not doubting this, as I hold the belief that everything Obama does is "social justice". I beleive and I have posted this before, but the difference between the United States and other countries w/the socialized medicine is that the other countires do not care about what race you are, you simply wait in line like the next person and if you die in the meantime, well so be it, but here, under Obama's "social justice" it will not be that way. The whites will be the last to get treatment, and they will be the ones who pay for their policies and everyone's policies as well. We will soon see "special soical justice" like no other country has ever before seen. But, on a more optimistic note, if you want to call it that, we may all be dead since Obama has made sure his slime brothers can attack and America will just sit on her ass waiting for the next attack.
Michael P.
Group Organizer
Council Bluffs, IA
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The house bill has a lot of special funding for medical schools that meet certain "diversity" requirements and it has special subsidies for minorities. It has been a while since our committee read the details of the bill, but I am quite sure there were dozens of other examples.

one example: p2420 sec. 2531

(g) PREFERENCE.—In awarding grants
2 under this section the Secretary shall give
3 preference to programs that—
4 (1) provide for improving nurse reten
5 tion;
6 (2) provide for improving the diversity
7 of the new nurse graduates to reflect
8 changes in the demographics of the pa
9 tient population;
Ed H.
West Point, NE
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Did any body record Ben and his lies?
A former member
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No. I wanted to but when it came on, either in the 3rd or 4th quarter (I can't remember which) -- I had just walked away for a minute and didn't get to the remote in time.

The one thing he didn't talk about was abortion. I plan to call his office today and ask why that wasn't mentioned in the ad.

A former member
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I called his office today and asked why abortion wasn't mentioned in his ad. She said the senator feels as if he's talked about the abortion issue long enough. She also tried to explain how abortion is being handled in the non-government run health care bill. I felt like my head was going in circles while she was talking. Do you remember those commercials "this is your brain on drugs, can't get a job..."? Same thing!

So then I decided to bring up the potential of "church and state" issues with hospitals from federally funded healthcare. Again, circles. She said the hospitals will be privately run just the health care paid with tax payer money. I said "it's the same thing". Some group of people will complain that they don't want their tax money going to pay for services where prayers and worshipping is going on... circles again...

I told her I want both explanations in writing and sent to my home so that I can review.
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