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The Black Doll Affair Online Dollhouse on Meetup Message Board Hey Black Girl! Love Letters that remind famous black girls of their b'huety! › Hey Black Girl Love Letters All Dolls Call Iniative: Love Letters to Gabby D

Hey Black Girl Love Letters All Dolls Call Iniative: Love Letters to Gabby Douglas because she's NOT her hair!

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Mama D.
Group Organizer
Atlanta, GA
Post #: 636

For Immediate Release
Press Contact: Karen Grey
A Better Concept PR
(954) 566-2712

The Black Doll Affair moves its troops into the trenches to remind Gabby Douglas of her b'huety!

The Black Dolls join forces across the country to say that Gabby Douglas is NOT her hair!

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a "Flying squirrel!" No, it's Gabby Douglas! The first U.S. gymnast to win the All-Around title, the team gold during the same Olympics and the first African American All Around Champion in Olympic history! Although she's a sixteen year old history maker, shattered records and does super human things with her body, sadly, it just ain't enough for some black folks!

What does this say about us? Dana "Mama Doll" Hill, The Founder of The Black Doll Affair, a movement to change the way black girls are perceived, more importantly, perceive themselves, weighed in on the talk about Gabby's hair.

"As this Baby Doll climbs for the top of the world, some black girls have figured out a way to grab that crab trying to get out of the barrel and pull her hair. It saddens me that this sixteen year girl has to shoulder society's burdens. Yes, she's beimg strong in the face of this controversy. But at the end of the day, she shouldn't have to deal with these types of insults from anyone, especially adults.

Google Gabby Douglas and get hateful stories about her hair. As Gabby settles into a dream come true, as her soul's purpose begins to make it's debut, she has to hear it from her own? Well, The Black Dolls won't sit by silently. We're giving Gabby something GOOD to Google! The Dolls and I are riding out to go get our black girl and deliver her home to her dreams, where she belongs.

Suffering from internalized racism, I don't even know if we're [black people] aware of how much we hate ourselves. I witness self-hatred everyday. We're constantly in boxing matches with each other. Dark skin blacks vs. the so called red bones. Educated Cosby Show blacks vs. the Ebonic speaking Hood Rat. Spelman vs. Clark Atlanta. Delta Sigma Theta vs. Alpha Kappa Alpha, and now the every burgeoning boxing match, Relaxed hair vs. the natural locks. It's clear that a lot of black people are still struggling with loving themselves and Gabby Douglas is a mirror reflection of this sad truth. Instead of lifting this young girl up, on top of the world where she belongs, we're busy pulling her off of her high horse. Instead of cheering her on and saying thank you for representing so b'huetifully, we're criticizing her hairdo! Really??? Let Mama translate what they're really saying, 'Gabby Douglas, you ain't all that and who do you think you are?' Well, she's Gabby Douglas and The Black Dolls of The Black Doll Affair are helping to remind this black girl of her well as remind the black race as a whole that, when it comes to that Mountain Top that Martin spoke about, we ain't there yet. Other races are beating us to the finish line in accepting who we are, but the black race as a people, well we won't be finishing that race like a Gold Medal winning Olympian," said Mama Doll.

To reiterate Mama Doll's sentiments and move The Black Doll Affair towards Martin's Mountain Top, The Black Dolls are running to Gabby's rescue with their "Hey Black Girl! Initiative." Hey Black Girl! is when Black Dolls from all over the country come together to write love letters to high profile black girls. The goal of Hey Black Girl! is the mission of The Black Doll Affair, to lift a sister up where she belongs!

On August 13th, 2012 at 9:00 pm EST together in masses, The Black Dolls will reach out to Gabby Douglas, via her online social networks, with a message board of personal love letters! More, The Black Dolls are requesting the media's help by asking them to cover the story and give Gabby something positive to read when she puts her name in Google's search engines.

To learn about the full initiative go here­
To read Love Letters to Gabby Douglas go here­

Ongoing, The Black Doll Affair accepts new Dolls into their movement and in the trenches of the war on hue. Join at­ For more information call them at 404-590-Doll (3655).

About The Black Doll Affair: Doll tests have revealed that black children prefer white dolls and view black dolls as ugly and bad. The Black Doll Affair is a social club of black women called The Black Dolls. To reverse doll tests results and remind black girls of their inner and outer beauty, these role models engage in philanthropic affairs, donate toy black dolls to little girls, have self-esteem building play dates with teens and host fun events (Black Doll Affairs) that uplift the black woman and increases her pride in hue. These are the "Affairs" of The Black Dolls! Recipients of President Obama’s Volunteer Service Award, The Black Dolls range in shade and shape. Eighteen years and older, from college students to grandmothers, career women to ladies of leisure, they are role models that band together to tackle the black family’s issues with shadeism, self hatred and low self-worth. To express the importance of community service, annually they donate hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars to charitable causes that affect all races. These are the Affairs of The Black Dolls and their mission is to change the way black girls are perceived and, more importantly, how they perceive themselves. More at:­


Mama D.
Group Organizer
Atlanta, GA
Post #: 637

Dear Gabby,

Your NOW is so bright, don't listen to those needing you to dim your light. You were born with a gift, the gift to achieve miraculous things when under pressure and being watched by billions of judging eyes. Let that gift remind you of eternal peace when drama gives rise. You were born with the gift to balance on a very small beam, let that gift remind you that you can balance critical people and just about anything. You were born into an Olympians body. Let that gift remind you of the herculean task to be strong when haters are singing their unloving song. You were born with a passion to nurture a dream and go for the gold. Let that be a reminder to never compromise your integrity or allow your character to be sold. You were born into obscurity and now you're an international superstar. Let that remind you of all those that helped you on your successful journey so far. When things get "hairy", never forget, life is a role play and all harsh episodes a passing skit. Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream, merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream.

Doll, I love the fact that if one scrambles your last name, they can Scrabble the term "USA GOLD." Let that be a reminder of the value of family & family values.

You were born a black girl with super powers. That's a reminder to every black girl on this planet and especially within The Black Doll Affair, that Black Girls Rock and they are NOT their hair! Let this message board post dedicated to you, be a reminder that The Black Dolls love hue, just they way you are. Gabby, you are so b'huetiful!

A former member
Post #: 22
Dear Gabby,

What can I say? You are FABULOUS!!!!! Even though I'm double your age, I look up to you! As I watched you perform your various gymnastic routines, I saw a beautiful young girl with such style, grace, and confidence! It shows that you have worked so hard throughout your life to become the Gold-medal winning Olympic athlete that you are now! What an awesome gift that you have been blessed with!

You are an inspiration to everyone! You've made your parents proud, the rest of your family proud, your coaches proud, your friends proud, and the U.S.A proud! And of course, you've made the Black Dolls proud! smile More importantly, you have made your Creator proud! Unfortunately, with this newfound popularity, you will experience irrelevant negative opinions/obstacles. Don't worry about it, keep on aiming high in all that you do! You are "fearfully and wonderfully made" (Psalm 139:14)! Also, remember this verse (my favorite bible verse), "...we also glory in tribulations, knowing that tribulation produces perseverance; and perseverance, character; and character, hope." Romans 5:3 NKJV

You are making headlines Gabby! All over the world in a positive way! I pray for more young ladies to follow in your footsteps. Continue to be that positive role model, but definitely have FUN! Enjoy yourself and others! I thank God for you! I pray for continued blessings your way! smilesmilesmile

From One Black Doll to Another With Love,

A former member
Post #: 17
Congrats Gabby!

As a proud auntie with 11 nieces I am thrilled that they have a positive role model that looks like them! Throughout your life there will be people who nitpick about trivial things and there will be naysayers. Just know that all of your Doll sisters are standing behind you 100% and we all believe that you represented the USA as well as African Americans very well.

Nikki R.
Sunny Side, GA
Post #: 123
Dear Gabby,
First of all...CONGRATULATIONS! You've achieved more than any of us have in our Adult lives. Your name rearranged spells USA GOLD --You are DESTINED to do this...and you do it so well. You are the 2nd black female to capture an Olympic Gold. have made history! A big round of applause to your mother and the rest of your family for all of the sacrifices they had to go through to get you to this stage in your life.
I don't have a daughter, but my 9 y/o son and I watched and cheered you on throughout the Olympics. I was so happy to be able to show him someone that had the same skin color as him doing such great things and with such poise and confidence.

I know it doesn't phase you one bit what people say about you--and it shouldn't! You are made in God's eyes, and if that's how HE wants you to look, then who is anyone else to judge? It's sad that these are OUR people and we focus on physical attributes, instead of the fact that you are 16 y/o and representing our COUNTRY and not laying on the couch somewhere watching music videos all day.

Hair is secondary--keep doing what you've been doing and focusing on your training and being the best you can be. I wear my hair in locs. And people judge me all of the time. It used to bother me, but I had to pray about and believe in ME. Otherwise, no one else will. Believe me, If I had the choice, I'd give up my nappy edges for a gold medal any day. I ran track from the time I was 6 y/o, and because my dad stopped going to my meets, I gave up in high school. And my coaches begged me not to. Don't make the same mistakes that some of us have by giving in to the pressure. It will probably get worse, and the haters will grow. But continue to be the change that you wish to see in this world. I wish there were more young girls out there with half the determination that you've shown.

The Media is to blame for this. Like your mother also said, why would anyone publish something to even "attempt" to destroy the confidence of an athlete prior to their event? The same thing happened to LoLo Jones and that poor girl has worked just as hard as anybody else on TEAM USA. All of you guys deserve better from US--Your Country! The same people you guys are representing! And on behalf of those that TRIED to bring you down and FAILED, I apologize.

Continue to be great! Enjoy spending time with your family and friends.

God Bless,

ALia T.
user 13225084
Atlanta, GA
Post #: 1
Dearest Gabby,

You are such an inspiration to not only little black girls but black people in general. My husband can’t stop talking about how you just dominated the whole competition and then even started to research your stats. You make us all proud !!! It’s amazing the impact a person can have on a whole nation of people while just doing what they love. I was filled with pride, exhilaration and joy watching you perform. You are truly a site to see. I can remember when I was a little girl watching the Olympics gymnastics competition the excitement I felt but also the idea that I could never accomplish what those girls did. Now as an adult I have a 7 year old little girl that is excelling in All-Star cheerleading and works very hard to become a better tumbler. Your skills amazed her and like you said in an interview “ I want little girls to know if Gabby can do it, you can do it.” It’s always difficult to teach your children that they are beautiful and talented when everyone on Television that excels doesn’t look like them. You gave little girls all over the world hope that they can achieve great things. Thank you, Gabby for being such a great role model. You are Beautiful, Talented & so poised as a young lady. I wish you much love and continued success in your career. Kiss your mother every day and never forget the sacrifice she made. For a mother will give the ultimate sacrifice and all of herself for the success of her children. We love you honey GOOOOOOOOOO Gabby !!!!!!

Love Always
Alia Thousand
user 27898172
Atlanta, GA
Post #: 3
Gabby, it was only until recently, I learned who you were. In watching you, reading your comments, and hearing reports inclusive of you, I learned something greater. That is that you knew WHO'S you were. You're a child of God and here on an assignment. It's a beautiful thing when an individual recognizes what their "purpose" is in life. Take your talent and utilize it for the glory of God and his kingdom. While you are on this journey, know that this Black Doll in Loganville is proud to learn of you. Congrats Gabby!

Love Taretta Earley

user 7376123
San Diego, CA
Post #: 195

Ms Gabrielle Douglas (Gabby),

For a minute I wondered “what to say to such a be’huetiful accomplished young woman?”- then it became so clear; a simple Thank You. Thank you for being the best you can be. Thank you for defying the odds. My daughter loves to dance and do “flips”, so Thank you for being someone she can look at and see herself. Thank you for your be’huetiful smile. Thank you for using the talent that God has given you. Thank you for not conforming to what society thinks you "should" look like. Thank you for your humbleness. Thank you for your discipline. Thank you for keeping God first. Thank you for being the first African American woman to win the Olympics all-around gymnastics title. Thank you... for making history.


Love, Kendra
user 27186162
Lansing, MI
Post #: 3
Dear Gabby,
What you have been able to accomplish is simply remarkable. I will never forget where I was when B'HUETIFUL HUE made HISTORY!!! You ROCK out LOUD Black Girl!!! Keep leading, succeeding, and achieving. We are so very proud of Hue and all Hue do!!!

Keep putting God first.

Hugs and Much Love,
Dee "wishing I had moves like Gabby" Jordan
user 14098884
Atlanta, GA
Post #: 17
Blessings My Bhuetiful Princess Gabby,

You are a PHENOMENAL and AWESOME young WOMAN. Your dedication and determination to your goals makes you that shinning star. You have made me look at my own life to see what parts I'm procrastinating in. I have now began to write my book. Thank you Gabby. There will always be those little ants trying to continue to push our cause further down. What do you do with ants? Step over them. Your ability and future already is doing Greatness. GO FORTH YOUNG WOMAN AT REACH TO THE SKIES. Congratulations on your achievements in the Olympics, and receiving the Gold for yourself and with your team.

With LOve and GReat SUpport,

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