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Thursday, Apr. 7, 2005, 1:45 PM Pacific

Movie for Television
Von Zerneck-Sertner Films
Draft: March 21, 2005

Executive Producer: Kyle Bowser
Director: Ernest Dickerson
Writer: Denitria Harris-Lawrence
Casting Director: Susan Glicksman
Location: New Orleans
Start Date: late May


To download the script, go to and use script key code: 404last38

STORY LINE: Despite a 30-year old tradition of holding segregated private proms in her home town of Mercier, Louisiana, high school senior Brianna mcCallister is determined to have an integrated prom...



[MIKE MANNING] 32, Caucasian, Mike is an attractive Spanish teacher at the high school, who attended a segregated prom in Mercier 15 years ago. Still attracted to Desiree Howard, Mike is more than pleased to see her return to Mercier in search of a story, and he woos her subtly, knowing he's violating local taboos (and perhaps his own) by pursuing a black woman. Caught in the middle when the high school splinters over Brianna's proposed integrated prom, Mike briefly thinks that Desiree is simply trying to stoke the pot and keep a hot story bubbling...LEAD (10)

[PRINCIPAL JULIE STEPHENS] A Caucasian woman in her early 40s, she is the principal of Pineville High School in Mercier, and she has a special fondness for Brianna. She tries to keep racial trouble from brewing in her mixed student body, and tacitly approves of the segregated proms as a way to avoid strfe. However, when Brianna steps up to try and break a 30-year old tradition of segregation, Principal Stephens backs her -- up to a point. But when the story becomes nationwide news, and she's deluged with phone calls about the now-infamous proms, Principal Stephens is inclined to blame Brianna for being the author of her woes...LEAD (4)

[MAXINE ARMSTRONG] 33 years old, African-American, Brianna's tough-minded aunt, she has lived a long life in a short amount of years. She took Brianna in after her mother died, and she has a long unhappy history with Desiree Howard, whom she knew and disliked way back when. Not pleased at all when Desiree befriends her headstrong niece, Maxine knows the history of Mercier painfully well, and backs her niece's decision to fight the tradition of segregated proms...LEAD (17)

[BEN WILLIAMS] 17, African-American, Ben is Brianna's steady boyfriend, a football player wearing a letterman's jacket. When Brianna insists on an integrated prom, Ben initially supports the idea, but then cools off suddenly, aware that the idea is leading to a polarization of the races at the school. Sulky when Brianna neglects him in favor of prom organization committees, Ben lets her get a little jealous, then comes back to her and escorts her to the now-integrated prom...LEAD (6)

[SELA MOODY] 17 years old, African-American, this outgoing girl is Brianna's best friend at high school. Brianna's second in command when it comes to organizing the all-black prom, Sela joins wholeheartedly in Brianna's plan to integrate the two proms for the first time in 30 years. Sardonic about the racial politics of Mercier, Sela thinks the tradition of segregated proms is racist and needs to end...LEAD (7)

[ELY HARDY] 17, Caucasian, Ely is quirky, a young John Cusack who's a member of the prom committee along with Brianna ands Sela -- even though he doesn't have a date. Attracted to Brianna, but well aware that she's dating Ben, Ely gets his hopes up when Ben deliberately turns down the heat on their relationship -- but he's the last to learn when Brianna makes up with him. A sweet kid who's gently turned down when he asks Brianna to the prom, Ely winds up escorting Carla Thornton...LEAD (8)

[BOB THORNTON] A Caucasian city councilman in his 40s, Thornton is a community leader, the owner of several stores in Mercier. A quiet racist who sternly disapproves of his daughter Carla's clandestine affair with Myron Dawson, Thornton does his best to stop the integrated prom from happening, and when he's out-maneuvered, he's deeply tempted to yank his daughter out of the prom and drag her home -- but the tight media coverage forces him to grin and bear it...LEAD (13)

[CARLA THORNTON] 16 years old, Caucasian, blonde, an irresistibly cute cheerleader, Carla is another student at Pineville High, who is dating Myron Dawson. Caught necking with Myron, Carla is in the middle of a minor controversy when she gets off scot-free and Myron is suspended. Inclined to lay low afterwards, Carla wants to atend the integrated prom, and wants to get back with Myron, but her powerful and influential father stands in the way. Escorted to the prom by Ely, Carla soon leaves him to dance with Myron...1 speech & 14 lines, 15 scenes (1)

[MYRON DAWSON] 17, African-American, with an athletic build, Myron is dating Carla Thornton, but their romance is kept a secret from Carla's disapproving father. A football player along with Ben Williams, Myron is caught necking with Carla on campus, and is suspended for raising his hand to a teacher. Forced to keep his affair with Carla under wraps, Myron struggles to control his volatile temper when he sees her with another boy, and is reunited with her at the integrated prom...1 speech & 6 lines, 11 scenes (1)

[MRS. EDNA HOWARD] A very handsome woman in her 50s, she is the Home Ec teacher at Pineville High, and is Desiree's mother. Still grieving for her other daughter, who died in 1984, Mrs. Howard is hurt by the fact that Desiree has left her home town to live in New Orleans. When Desiree comes back for a visit, Mrs. Howard is not pleased by the fact that Desiree advances her journalistic career by selling the story of Brianna's attempt to integrate the separated proms...1 speech & 27 lines, 8 scenes (4)

[MR. JAMES HOWARD] In his early 60s, African-American, he is Desiree's no-nonsense father, a retiree from a military base and a well-respected man in the community. A taciturn man who's been deeply disappointed in life, first by one daughter's death then by another daughter's move away from home, Mr. Howard is gruffly disapproving of Desiree, whom he thinks loves her family insufficiently. But Mr. Howard is secretly proud of Desiree's journalistic career, and only reveals his love for his child under duress...2 speeches & 22 lines, 8 scenes (23)

[KELLY REYNOLDS] 17 years old, Caucasian, good-natured, Kelly is another student at Pineville High, one of the organizers of the white prom. Cool to the idea of an integrated prom, Kelly backs way off when Brianna becomes insistent, ignoring her e-mails and IMs and acting like a bitch. But in the end, she atends the integrated prom and apologizes to Brianna...2 speeches & 13 lines, 10 scenes (7)

[LILY] 17 years old, brunette, Lily is a gossipy Caucasian student at Pineville who delights in spreading the news about Carla and Myron. A girl with her own clique, Lily is intent on becoming the queen of the white prom, and is appalled by the idea of sharing her prom with the black students...1 speech & 12 lines, 9 scenes (10)
T J T.
New Orleans, LA
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Is this a good address for submitting headshots hardcopy?
T J T.
New Orleans, LA
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I could not find any information on this title on SAG's website. Also, I am unable to locate this address on
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I googled the casting director's name, and you can read more about her here: http://www.itaproduct...­

She works with Fern Ornstein, the vice president of CBS, http://www.itaproduct...­

I also checked the address on, and it is valid to send to.
T J T.
New Orleans, LA
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Good Work! I went to and and verified the address.
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Post #: 1 to this...When they say submit a hard copy, what do they actually mean? What is it I need to submit?
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Hey Heather, it means to mail your headshot and resume. smile
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