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The Tucson Traders Roundtable provides for an open discussion of stocks, bonds, options, futures, FOREX, and other investment instruments. We aim at leveling the playing field by working together to analyze the markets and share our findings among the group.

Over the past decade, individual traders and investors have been given a fantastic opportunity to research and analyze the various markets using the Internet. While similar tools had only been available to professionals prior to the Internet explosion, an edge that still remains for professionals is their ability to work in groups.

We recognize that there are many different methods of analyzing the markets, and are open to discussion of these various methods. While each of our members’ levels of experience and net worth may vary greatly, the Traders Roundtable seeks to gain knowledge from one another, and we are also dedicated to sharing the knowledge we have to help others improve their net worth.

We meet on the first and third Wednesday of each month at 6:30pm; please see our calendar for topics and locations. From time to time we may invite professionals to speak at our meetings. We encourage regular attendance as we have found that success is directly associated with one’s level of participation. An organizer at their sole discretion without notice may remove any member who has been inactive for more than six months.

There are no fees to join the Tucson Traders Roundtable. However, we ask for a voluntary contribution from time to time to offset the costs of organizing through Meetup. Likewise, we also ask for attendees to offer a dollar towards reimbursing the printing costs of our guest presenters when written materials are utilized at our meetings. Organizers, members, and guests manage their own brokerage accounts with their own personal funds. We do not provide recommendations. No organizer, member, or guest is responsible for actions you have taken that may result in a gain, loss, tax, judgment, or similar exposure. You are solely responsible for all risk which you assume in your investing.


At the Tucson Traders Roundtable we value the attendance and input of each group member and visitor. Whether you are a seasoned investor / trader or a novice just starting the learning curve, each person has thoughts, ideas, questions, trading practices or styles that can be invaluable for another who might be present. Therefore, we encourage all, regardless of experience level, to participate in group discussions.

In order to keep it a level playing field, and to prevent anyone from feeling inadequate due to the size of his / her portfolio, we request that all members speak in percentages when discussing profits, rates of return, etc., rather than specifying dollar amounts made. It’s fine to discuss entry or exit prices, but we don’t need to know whether you were trading 1 contract or 20, 10 shares or 20,000. The learning principles will apply, regardless of the size of the order, and won’t discourage traders with small trading accounts, or ostracize investors working with small portfolios. Our primary purposes are to learn from each other, to share camaraderie in what can be a lonely occupation, and to encourage one another.

The nature of many of our market discussions may include an overlap into politics, due to the evolving policies that affect market conditions, both domestic and abroad. When our discussion topics do veer into political waters, we request that you not assume any particular political persuasion of those present. We request that you be respectful, at all times, of the fact that those present probably represent diverse views. It’s fine to disagree with other points of view, but let’s agree to disagree in an agreeable manner.

While from time to time we may mention the products and services we use in our trading and investing, such discussion is solely from a personal experience frame of reference. We ask that no one promote a product or service from which they have a direct or indirect financial benefit, whether in group meetings, on the Meetup site, or by email. Any resources listed by our group on the Meetup website are simply that--resources, with no recommendation or endorsement of those products or services. Occasionally we have guest speakers who represent a for-profit enterprise in the financial services field. These speakers, in lieu of payment for their presentations, are allowed to include a brief description of their product or service, but are asked to focus the vast majority of their presentation on educational content regarding the topic on which they are presenting.


Your Profile Picture
When compiling a profile, we encourage that you include a face picture for the following reasons. We feel that it is one way to have some certainty that the individual posting the online profile is a real person; likewise, it creates a more “human” online community.

Please consider these tips when adding your picture:

  • Make it you, and you alone. Please don’t include your significant other, best friend, child, etc. This is your profile, not theirs.
  • It is best to make it a head shot without a lot of clutter in the background.
  • Make sure it's from the last couple of years, not your high school graduation picture.
  • The best shape is actually square for some weird reason, so if you’re cropping a larger photo, try to crop it in a square.

File Area
Our site includes a file area where members may share presentations, charts, or other electronic materials. When adding a file, an option is provided to allow the document to be visible to everyone or only the members; please select the appropriate permission for your file. Please do not add files that contain a copyright, unless explicit permission has been granted to share the material contained in the file. To find the file area, please select “Files” from the “More” drop-down menu at the Traders Roundtable site.

We post a summary of operating expenses and contributions on the Money page which can be found by selecting “Money” from the “More” drop-down menu at the Traders Roundtable site. However, we do not divulge individual names of group supporters, nor do we include a tracking of the money that is offered to reimburse the cost of printing that is done by our guest presenters, as applicable. Those contributions are collected and handed directly to the presenter on the spot.

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