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Sent on: Monday, November 19, 2007 9:08 PM

Good Evening All!

I am very excited about our Travel Meetup tomorrow at Goose Island Pub.
I would like to remind all those who are participating in the Travel Experience Workshop to bring along copies or duplicate images that represent your travel experience. Please no originals.
Some examples would be photographs, brochures, magazine clippings ect.
Again I would like to ask if there are any objections to videotaping the workshop? If you have any questions or concerns please contact me.
Thank you all for this opportunity.

A brief description of our research for those interested in hearing more.
In detail here is glimpse of our research and objectives. We intend to understand every aspects of the traveler's experience. The underlying motivators of travel from entertainment to education, from a desire for community to a need for inner-peace. The different phases of travel will be explored, from initial gathering of information, the destination selection, the journey itself, and reflecting upon the journey at its conclusion. We will seek to understand how travelers navigate in unfamiliar locations at a micro to macro scale. We will seek an understanding of the ubiquitous phenomena within travel, the capturing of the experience through photographs, postcards, and souvenirs. And finally we will explore the impact new technology has had on travelers.

We feel that the Chicago Travel group is a great sample of travelers. Individuals travel for a wide variety of reasons with a wide variety of associated needs and goals. Given the limited time of the study, the design team will focus on on a subset of travelers ? the travel enthusiasts. We have defined enthusiasts as those who avidly expend considerable time, energy and financial resources in order to have a travel experience. This "enthusiasm" then is a core characteristic of our subjects. Beyond this distinction however we hope to recruit as wide a range as possible, including a mix of genders, ages, and financial status. Care will be given to find subjects with a variety of travel experiences from travelers who prefer over-nighters to those relish multi-week journeys, from local to international destinations, and from detailed planners to haphazard drifters.


Amy Batchu
Institute of Design, IIT
MDes, MBA | Aug 2009

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