Indoor TIME CHANGE, Weekday Games, Spring League, & More

From: Casimir
Sent on: Friday, March 1, 2013 3:49 AM
Hey Everyone,

It's been a while since I've sent out a group email, so this one will be chock full of content (read: long). Some of these things have probably been announced on the website, through individual emails, at the weekend games, etc, but this should consolidate a bunch of info for those unfortunate souls like me who haven't made it out to Busse in oh-too-long.

First, something that's not quite our group, but related. There are two more Friday night Indoor games at Westmont Yard. The Captain has taken some initiative (had to happen sometime) and posted the details on Meetup each week for the past month or so, but the TIME IS CHANGING TO 9 PM - 11 PM. It costs $10, but the fields are pretty nice and the amount of playtime is reasonable. See details here, and read the comment about possible alternate payment scheme -

Next, our Weekday Games are going to start up again on TUESDAY MARCH 12th at 5 PM! Due to daylight restrictions, we'll be playing until Halloween 2013, which is kind of a quaint calendarial touch. Be the first one on your block to RSVP by going here -

For those of you not already on their mailing lists, Ultimate Chicago's Spring League registration is open. As I understand it, a number of players from our group will be playing this season, it takes place on Saturdays at various times (some, but not all, will overlap with our typical Saturday game). Most players will be in the "Paper" division, but I know a few will be going "Rock." Some uncouth captain may have named his team "Michelle Balls So Hard" after an unrelated individual, but those details haven't quite yet been confirmed. Check out the UC website here -

Some of you may be familiar with some of Brodie Smith's frisbee trick shot videos on the internet. Well, there was another one released recently. I think it's probably the least-interesting of the lot, and includes more dancing than anything impressive, but maybe I've just been "wowed-out" by some of the things I've already seen. In any case, you can check that out here -

For something a bit more impressive, check this out, from the second half of the 2012 Master's Final - - The replay angle is better than the original one, I think. One of the coolest catches that didn't happen. The next like 10 minutes are foul discussions, which is ridiculous, so I wouldn't advise you to keep watching much beyond that.

Regarding social events, looks like Chadd's hosting some St. Patrick's Day shindig. We did one last year at John's place, if I recall correctly, and it was a big hit. Although there were a lot of good contenders, the photo of the night had to be this one -[masked] - But do check out some of the others because Alex's camera makes magic happen. RSVP for this year's event here - - I'm already volunteering to DD, so feel free to plan accordingly.

So there are ten spots left for the Volcanic tournament in Costa Rica this year. As many of you know, I went last year and had a pretty awesome time. I actually still owe you all the second half of my trip report, whoops...I'll try and get to that. I haven't yet registered, need to talk with some people, but it's likely that I'll be attending once again. The website seems a little shady, and if there are any date conflicts (haven't looked at it in-depth yet this year) just verify via email with Carlos, but the main details are here -

If you want to check out some photos / videos of my trip, you can look here - - The thumbnailish images don't show everything properly, so I'd click one to make it bigger, then click down the list on the left. All the names are my descriptions, so you're not missing anything. There are like 2 or 3 short videos in there just because I was (rather poorly) learning how my phone works at the time. I'm not much better now. Also let me know if that totally doesn't work, because I'm still new to this Google Document file sharing stuff.

Note that there aren't any game pictures because 1) I was playing. And 2) I left my phone charger a few hours away on day 1, didn't realize this until I used most (if not all) of my battery on the bus ride to our final destination. If you're on Facebook (I'm not), you might be able to click the 2012 link on the tournament website and look at some things, I don't know.

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions about Costa Rica, Spring League, or anything else that crossed your mind recently.

See you on the field (this weekend, if things go well),

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