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Ya'll think that's good, I and too small of a crowd of folks got to hear Douglass speak in Springfield a few years back, while he was on a book tour.  Luckily Ed Russel of Valley Free Radio recorded the event, which had me thinking we'd hear it on his program "Active Ingredients", though I never did.
I've been pondering the power of having folks first disbelieve, and then question virtually everything from the upper levels of government, instead of blithely following exactly prescribed and propagandized, often initiated by false flag operations, steps.  I, like many of us, know the litany of the sinking of the Maine, USS Liberty attacked by Israel, Gulf of Tonkin, JFK, MLK, Malcom X, Judy Bari, Oklahoma bombing, 9-11, etc., that we've learned to react with at least caution before saluting the flag, the corporations, the government, knowing their machinations and mergers.  What an impact if others thought and lived this way?
On 12/06/12, Erin Scarlett Stone<[address removed]> wrote:
I also recommend the Douglass book. 
In addition to the JFK assassination details, it provides in depth documentation of this period of history and the tide of events that gathered momentum post WWII. 
The information regarding JFK and the steel industry really educates us as to how multinational jawboning and infiltration of government is up and running per Eisenhower's admonition

I'm with Virginia on this....y'all would love this book if you haven't read it. 


On Dec 6, 2012, at 12:37 PM, Virginia <[address removed]> wrote:

On the JFK thing, I highly recommend the book:  James W. Douglass, _JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died And Why It Matters_.  (And James Douglass, the author, will be leading a workshop/ weekend retreat at the Rowe Camp & Conference Center, the weekend of December 14-16 -- for those who can afford those retreats.  But I'm not particularly pushing that.) 

On the conspiracies overload exhaustion thing, I strongly believe in the importance/ value of concentrating on the 9/11/2001 U.S. government operatives crime, which killed 3,000 Americans, then led to the killing of untold numbers of foreigners, plus untold numbers of detentions combined with human rights violations.  In relation to these crimes, in particular the initial crime of 9/11/2001, there is something specific that we can ask and pressure authorities to do (and encourage *others* to ask and pressure authorities to do), namely, a proper scientific and legal investigation into the murder of the 3,000. 

In contrast, the crime of the moonwalk was not much more than lying, it didn't involve any killing that I'm aware of, and there's nothing specific that we can be asking or pressuring authorities to *do* about it.  So, if it might be contributing to conspiracies overload exhaustion, then it might be detracting from achieving the goals of the 9/11 Truth movement.  I think concentrating on 9/11 Truth, with *some* attention to JFK, is the way to go.  (But I am glad I saw the film clips regarding the moonwalk!--I tried discussing it with an astronomer a few months back, and all she could do was attack the people who raise the issue ["kill the messenger!"], not refute any of the points!) 


On 12/06/12, Evelyn<[address removed]> wrote: sentiments exactly.

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excellent point

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If I may say so, I think part of the problem is that the moon landing info is an outlier, a bit of too much info when combined with these other, more crucial issues. 
I would not be surprised to know that the moon was a hoax. However, each so-called conspiracy (theirs, not ours) is indigestible for most people and needs to be handled on a singular basis. 
The moon is very extreme sounding to most, kind of like holocaust denial and minds shut down. 
This might be a reason why feedback is thin. 
It's a big, big rock to push up the hill. 
Again, veracity is not the point....conspiracy overload exhaustion in people's minds as easy to achieve. 
Hope this helps. 

On Dec 6, 2012, at 8:49 AM, jonathan mark <[address removed]> wrote:

So far.. when requesting an action, like posting fliers or getting Dark Legacy broadcast on community TV stations, I have received little feedback from Valley 9/11 Truth. But I hope this changes, I know it took me a while to realize the the evidence and reality of a moon landing hoax. But after seeing it aligned with other obvious shadow government conspiracies, exposing the lies and finding alternatives seem to make too much common sense to pass up..

on Dec 05, 2012, Erin Scarlett Stone <[address removed]> wrote:
I sent another note here before I received this one from you...don't see it yet...
I'm sure it will show up at some point...
I send out articles and other such info that I think might be helpful to a mailing list pretty much several times a week...
Trying to strike a balance between being a bit thought provoking and being a pain that gets deleted on sight! ☺
Anyway, that other email will show up eventually
I look forward to getting VERY active this coming year...if everyone puts in their two cents, it will create a ground swell eventually...a hundred monkeys so to speak....a very enlivening use of energy....

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