Here are some credible science-based resources on GMOs:

GLP Infographic: International science organizations on crop biotech safety | Genetic Literacy Project
Is GM Food Safe? Experts Around the Globe Answer | SLEUTH 4 HEALTH

Right to Know & GMO Labeling:
The Right to Know What I’m Eating | The Food Ethics Blog
Should Companies Label Genetically Modified Foods? | The Food Ethics Blog
GMO Labeling | Skeptical Vegan

Other Resources:
Biology Fortified, Inc is an independent, non-profit organization devoted to providing factual information and fostering discussion about issues in biology, with a particular emphasis on plant genetics and genetic engineering in agriculture.

Vegan GMO - As vegans, we feel it is important to stay open-minded about genetic engineering and biotechnology. Please read further to find out why.

Sense About Science - Plant science panel Put your questions directly to researchers

GMO Compass is a consumer webpage collecting objective, science-based information on the use of genetic engineering in the agri-food industry.

University of California Biotech - provides educational resources focused broadly on issues related to agriculture, crops, animals, foods and the technologies used to improve them.

Q&A: The Lowdown on GMO With A Family Farmer

Vegan Chicago Podcast #001 Dr. Kevin Folta – Frankenfoods: Cornerstones of the Next Green Revolution

A conversation on GM Foods with Vivian Moses, Professor of Biotechnology

inFact: Genetically Modified Crops

TechNyou Videos

Environmentalist Mark Lynas: Lecture to Oxford Farming Conference

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