Fwd: Demonstration @ Clifton live Poultry Market - Thank You Dianne!

From: Dianne
Sent on: Friday, September 24, 2010 6:52 AM
Hi everyone,

I'm passing this information along to you in case anyone is interested in going to this demo tomorrow in Clifton. All of the information is below. 


****Demonstration @ the Clifton Live Poultry Market in Clifton, NJ ***

Sep 25 Sat 1:00 PM
ATTENTION NY/NJ animal activists!!!!!!
Join FAUN NJ as we turn our energies toward elevating public consciousness, as well as demonstrating our love and empathy for the billions of sentient animals (mostly chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits, pigeons, turkeys and even goats) who are so cruelly confined, tortured and horrifically killed in the "live markets" which are so pervasive in the urban centers of northern New Jersey and across the United States.
Among all the animal species that humans exploit and kill for profit and for the satisfaction of gustatory preferences, it is common knowledge that chickens are the most widely and systematically confined, tortured and killed. Though it's hard to conceptualize in the modern, mass-production scheme of the industrialized world, chickens were once tree-dwelling wild birds whose natural habitat was limited to certain tropical jungles of southeast Asia.
Sadly, for nothing more than the widely-savored taste of chickens' flesh and eggs, the "poultry" and egg industries have exploded exponentially worldwide, and hideously transformed these docile, gentle, beautiful birds into a big agribusiness enterprise, wherein they are reduced to nothing more than "meat machines" and "egg factories" who live and die exclusively for human convenience and pleasure. Each year in this country, the more than 9 billion chickens grown (not raised) for meat, a.k.a. "broilers," endure the most horribly unnatural conditions one could imagine in filthy, overcrowded confinement sheds, where they are denied all natural light and every other element essential to their fundamental health and well-being. These creatures are genetically manipulated to maximize muscle-tissue (meat) growth, so that their legs are often incapable of supporting their unnaturally increasing bodyweight, resulting in lameness, arthritis and other diseases.
"Broiler" chickens are subjected to an additional array of unthinkable horrors before, a mere 45 days after birth, they are brutally killed and cut to pieces for cold hard profit, and to satisfy the voracious appetites of our species, though an infinite number of healthier, more economical and more ethical alternatives to animal proteins are accessible to all of us in the United States today.
Egg laying hens, a.k.a "layers", have their beaks violently removed by a hot blade with no anesthesia so they don't peck each other to death from the maddening, hellish, filthy, unnatural, obscenely crowded and disease-ridden wire cages they are forced to endure as they produce eggs until they are literally spent from exhaustion, calcium depletion, osteoporosis & other diseases. After one or two years of being continuously exploited as nothing more than "egg factories", "spent" hens are simply destroyed by the most economical means, or sold to be subjected to further abuses and eventually slaughtered.

We will hold signs and pass out information flyers

: Saturday, September 25th, 2010.
TIME: From 1pm through 4pm.
WHERE: Clifton Live Poultry Market, 230 Parker Ave, Clifton, NJ, 07011

PARKING: The parking situation in this part of Clifton is perfect for what we are doing. Clifton Live Poultry Market storefront runs along Parker Avenue in a small strip-mall where Parker intersects with Lake Avenue. Behind the storefront/strip mall, on the Lake Avenue side, there is a huge, ample public parking lot, where activists can easily find a spot and come around the corner to the Parker Avenue side where we will be assembled. This is an excellent location for a demo, a large and varied mix of ethnicities converge in this part of Clifton. We will have a chance to reach out to a large cross-section of cultures at this demonstration, and share with all of them our message of mercy for ALL animals.

Thanks for all you do for animals and our Mother Earth.
Blessed Be all animals, and all friends of animals!!!!!

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