Bowing out as Organizer

From: Matt K
Sent on: Thursday, April 23, 2009 12:52 AM
I've been the Organizer for this Meetup for approaching one year (since last June 2nd). I've enjoyed the meetings, but clearly have not had the time, energy or focus to make it what it could be and deserves to be, given we presently have 144 Writers, Artists & Musicians with at least a fleeting interest in the group. I've been stretched way too thin with a half-dozen different pursuits, most notably these days my novel, which I just "officially" published on my own. (If you're interested in that, check the Facebook page I just created for it and/or my website.)

So I plan to step down from the Organizer role. If anyone wishes to take on the role, write me so I can nominate you; I don't exactly know what happens once that happens, but I assume it will trigger something on the line of an election (if there is more than one person nominated) or an orderly transfer (if there is just one person). Whether you write me to be nominated or to ask a question, if you reply to this e-mail by hitting Reply, it will go just to me, so your thoughts won't automatically broadcast to the whole group.

I assume if no one does that, then when I officially "cancel my subscription" as Organizer -- I'm going to do that 1 month from today -- will dissolve the group not long after that, after first putting out their own announcement to group members that the Organizer position is opening up and soliciting a new person for the role. And just so you know, when that happened last year, I snapped it up in something like 20 minutes, and I know at least one other person who was about to do the same. So if you are interested, don't wait.

Also, so you know, it costs $12/month to commit to 6 months to be Organizer. Or if you want to commit to a shorter time, $15/month for a 3-month commitment or $19/month for a 1-month commitment. (Be aware that it automatically re-subscribes you as Organizer as its default.) I chose to take that on as my own expense; some Organizers request a small payment (such as $1 or $2) to attend a meeting; your choice.

I still look forward to being in the group, just not as the person who has to be in charge, announce meetings, and show up every time.

Finally, if there are any Writer members who are (1) in the Oak Park area, (2) a writer professionally or otherwise with a track record, (3) seriously engaged in a book-length project (fiction or non-) now or sincerely starting one, and (4) desire to form a small workshop/support group of 10-12 max, I might be interested in Organizing that.


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