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Could you please have a look at my diet for me?

London, GB
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Hi all. I'm interested in your opinion on how my diet is looking at the moment. I'm adding things one step at a time because I've had problems tolerating foods in the past. I couldn't deal with raw dairy but recently I tried again and haven't had any problems with Appelby's Farmhouse Cheshire (yay!!!) that's made with raw milk. All the food is from Waitrose except from the coconut oil and spices. What do you think of the diet and what should I change / add next?

Breakfast: 2 organic bananas, powdered almonds, organic coconut creme.

Lunch: 2 Organic eggs, slice of raw cheese.

Tea: Meals are made from a selection of these ingredients: Organic onions, organic tomatoes, organic brown rice, organic brown rice pasta, organic potatoes, organic butter, raw organic coconut oil, chillies, organic cheese (not raw), organic peppers, organic cumin, curry powder, organic basil, organic corriander, sea salt, organic peppers, Duchy organic chicken, Dutchy organic minced beef, organic cayenne pepper, free range chicken stock.

Drink: Organic hibiscus tea + Cherrygood mixture (7/8th hibiscus to 1/8th Cherrygood)

Sometimes I'll have cheese on Ryvita with butter (not raw). Should I dump the Ryvita? I'ts been a while since I ate healthily so I'm trying to get back into the swing of things so I appreciate all your help.

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Hi Gron,
I'm not a nutritionist, but your diet doesn't sound varied enough to me. Great that everything is organic, but the only veg you eat are potatoes, onions, tomatoes and peppers & chillies. You mentioned trouble tolerating foods in the past but greens don't usually causes problems with people. Potatoes aren't my first choice, unless it's sweet potato.

In my opinion, you need to add greens to your diet - kale, chard, spinach, dandelion greens, mustard greens, turnip greens, etc. And what about fish? Are you taking cod liver oil? And bone broths? Is your morning meal a smoothie? Can you halve the banana content and add kiwi or blueberries?

Not sure what others will have to say, but I would add berries and greens, bone broth and fish and perhaps yogurt or kefir. Your saturated fat are good choices in my opinion, but I would add olive oil for variety of fats. And maybe change up the almonds to walnuts once in a while.

Good luck!
Philip R.
Group Organizer
London, GB
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I would say, add some organ meats. To get variety, maybe consider a veg box from, say, Riverford? Having a seasonal veg box forces you to try out new veggies, which is great if you have time. They have potato free options!

Make sure when you do grains, rice, etc. that you cook it with broth, not water.

Something I'm working on with the conference is the idea of cooking skills. Getting real flavor. Many folks on WAPF have great ingredients, but to expand this out to the mainstream we will need to develop our culinary skills to make food that tastes better than anything else! Books I swear by include Darina Allen's Ballymoloe cookbooks. We just got Beyond Nose to Tail Eating, which is an awesome collection of dishes based on offal. Or indeed any cookbook prior to the 1960's, which will have all the exciting off-cuts and offal we now ignore.
London, GB
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Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. Thanks for the answers, good stuff.

One question, what's the difference between broth and stock?
Heather B
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London, GB
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Hi Deborah

Where do you buy dandelion and turnip greens from please? I go to a lot of markets and have never seen these..... and I love have a good variety of vegetables. Also what do you use instead of potatoes? I am not really eating grain so I add red or sweet potatoes, yams and plantain. While I really like the latter two they was from the other side of the world and not organic so I don't know if they benefit me nutritionally. I adore swede and celeric when I can get them and I'm eating way too much broccoli and celery (I love both of them) but its often all that sainburys have left as I only get to the markets on a Saturday.
Philip R.
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London, GB
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Heather, Broccoli is great, but is in a class of vegetables that are goitrogens. They reduce iodine absorption. Good sources of iodine, like seaweed and seafood are good have if you do not wish to reduce your broccoli intake. We supplement with Seagreens capsules. I have an extra one when we have broccoli for dinner!
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Hi Heather,

Turnip greens would be the American equivalent of swede greens. You can eat the green (probably will not come with the swede unless from a pick your own farm). Dandelion greens are everywhere! You probably won't find them in stores ( I did in California - but that's California for you!) Find a "safe" place where they are abundant - pick them - wash really good and steam of sauté with garlic, squeeze of lemon, what have you.

We eat some potatoes, but my suggestion to Gron was to replace his with sweet potatoes instead. More nutritious. His diet wasn't very varied, so needs to pack more for his punch.
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