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Where can I get wild fish? I have no idea about fish in general lol, I just buy from my fishmonger but I don't know if they're wild or not and what to look out for in wild fish. Also how does one identify seafood from "unpolluted waters"??
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I asked this question once before and the answer i got was you have to take the fish mongers word for it. From reading up there can be subtle differences from wild to farm i.e. fish fins are worn etc on farmed.

Billingsgate market is suppose to be the creme de la creme of fish monger markets and you can buy them dead or alive but only if you can wake up early enough for it, the start times for non business people i think is 4-5 in the morning.
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Holy moley, 4-5 in the morning?! The things we do for good food... My fishmonger gets his fish from Billingsgate so I cold ask him to get me some! Thanks!
Philip R.
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Farmed is generally no good, since it tends to be primarily grain fed, so you do not get the balance of omega 3 and 6. Best to get wild, and from somebody who can say the source, but folks remember, the fish roe is the best bit and often the cheapest! It is the only thing I purchase at supermarkets, you can get it for £4 a kilo and its often on offer at the fish counter.
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What do you do with it Phillip? Just eat raw? On toast? Does the roe have to come from wild caught fish?
Luke I
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One way round this is fish choice. Certain fish are never farmed.

Sardines are one example.

I read what Philip posted above in a book called Inflammation Nation. The author says that contrary to popular belief farmed salmon is inflammatory NOT anti-inflammatory as we've heard.

I stopped eating farmed salmon and my health improved. Certain symptoms I'd suffered lessened quite a bit.

He said that wild salmon is health-giving but strangely when I tried tinned wild supermarket salmon those symptoms re-appeared.

So from observing my body I now do not eat salmon of any description, 'wild' or 'farmed'.

That also author explained that the effect of farming varies depends on the specie of farmed fish. So according to him, farmed mackerel is good in terms of the Omega 3/6 fat composition. Farmed salmon is harmful.

I believe he measures fish fat composition in a lab.


I personally would just ask the fishmonger. I think most cod is still wild (and now endangered). As I understand it, all teeny fish: sprats, sardines etc, are wild.
Stefan C.
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It is effectively impossible to get wild salmon or trout now.
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Has anyone heard of these guys? What do you think?

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Why is it impossible to buy wild salmon? Supermarkets sell wild alaskan salmon (waitrose and Sainsburys). Is that not wild?
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I was thinking the same thing Claire... Probably something to do with some kind of legal loophole that allows "them" to call it wild salmon when it actually isn't in the true sense of the word...
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