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Tips on a healthy diet for 1 year old

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Hi all

I am fairly new to WAPF. My daughter has recently turned one and I am looking for some advice from other mums or knowledgeable WAPF'ers.

I have kept her off grains up to now but am starting to introduce them. She eats lots of fish, meat, eggs and veg, I often cook her food in bone broths and she also has a fair amount of fruit.

In terms of areas to improve up to now she has not been having much liver which I know is a powerhouse so I want to include more. And also have not given her any fermented butter and cod liver oil (anyone any idea how much to give a litte one?). She has only eaten limited amounts of fermented food (as I have been exhausted to make them but just started my first batch!) I am wondering if I am missing anything out of this list?

I have both of Sally Fallon's books which are great but for the way my mind works I kind of need a summary to work back from.

Also, what does WAPF think about fruit? Sally seems very keen on bananas but then other people say to me that fruit is just full of fructose and better not to give that to babies as it works like sugar on their system. In any case any ideas of things to add, things we are missing, things to watch, great recipes etc all gratefully recived.

Finally I have also just started making water kefir - any thoughts on whether this is beneficial for her even though it has sugar in it? So far am blessed with a baby who eats anything so i want to take full advantage to give her a fabulous grounding and gut health.

thank you!

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I would try to include some fermented foods. I give my 1 year old home made kefir and yogurt from raw cows and goats milk.
I also make sauerkraut and give her the juice over her food.
So far for grains I'm just giving white rice and safe starches like potatoes (sweet and white). I value the research by Paul Jaminet- The Perfect Health Diet. I think wheat, even if sourdough, is a risky food. So best to delay for a baby. Gluten is one of the most major triggers and hard to digest (or I even heard by Dr Fassano that it is not digestible).
Try adding liver. My baby eats any liver without any problem (tried chicken, lamb and calf), I don't even have to try hiding it in food.
Egg yolks are a great food too. Add them raw to soups you make.
I think some fruit is good everyday as part of a balanced diet.
Don't forget to add some animal fat or extra virgin olive oil to every meal. Avocados are good too.
Have a look at his book: http://www.amazon.co....­
Not sure about quantities of cod liver oil/butter oil. I give mine about a 1/4 tsp of each daily.
I also sometimes do freshly juiced carrot juice (wih sour cream and yolks blene=ded in)
Hope that helps. Just a few ideas about what I do.
You seem to be doing great.
Charlotte B.
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Hi Naomi,

I agree with Claire above that it sounds like you are already doing quite a lot! My little girl is 9 months old and we are following the WAPF weaning guidelines. Have you come across the book 'Super Nutrition For Babies' - I have found this really useful. Also I would recommend checking out Nutribaby http://www.nutribaby....­ - I met Sheila who runs it at the WAPF London conference in January, she runs weaning workshops and has a Facebook group too. I am also unsure about fruits and worry I'm giving my little girl too much, but I mix lots of coconut oil in with them to ensure she's getting good fats too. It is such a minefield! I always appreciate the support from other mum's trying to do the same things so am enjoying finding online communities for advice and help :)
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I did reply, but somehow just seen it didn't post. Useful to hear your thoughts thanks. I thought perhaps we might loosely keep in touch on any great ideas for receipes, snacks etc and also to share information. I find some of the info can be contradictory e.g. when to introduce grains etc, at one year or later? So it would be good to compare notes..... Also I am based in Muswell HIll, North London so if anyone is in the aea and fancies meeting up let me know.
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