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Midtown Writers Group

Meets at: A La Salsa Restaurant (thanks to our gracious host Lorenzo!) in the Midtown Global Market

When: Saturdays: 9 a.m. to 10:50 a.m.

What to bring: Bring a notebook and pen! We write longhand and do not allow computers (unless you require a computer as assistive technology)

No degree of separation. No fame. Just writers writing. Authentic. Whimsical. Vulnerable. “It’s all true, none of it is true, don’t ask.”
We who would like to write very often spend too much time thinking about writing. In this Meetup, we spend all our time writing!
All genres and most topics welcome.
Use paper and pen. We do it longhand!
After we get our coffee and breakfast, the writing time begins. We don't chitchat during the 110 minutes. We write to prompts for a time period (e.g., 5 minutes, 12 minutes) and read back if we want to. We do not critique our writing at this group. Before and after our writing, we can socialize and if we want to discuss our work then.
Group members are invited to sign up to lead for a morning or more. We need volunteers to keep the group going. Every three months we put out a sign-up sheet for the next three months. Go on…sign up. It’s fun. (Email Kay or Kathy on the Meet-up site if you have any questions.)
We have been meeting since March of 2007, each week. This group has become a very supportive and wonderful group.
Optional Contribution: $2.00 each meeting
How the group works

The rules are simple:
• Keep writing for the allotted time.
• Keep pen to paper. If you can't think of something to write, then repeat what you have just written or write, "I can't think what to write."
• You can rebel against the lead and write: “What I really want to say is…” or apply the lead and/or allotted time to develop a piece that you are writing outside the group.
• Write in any genre you like. Some people write third person novels or stories; some write first person diaries and letters; some write scripts, plays and prose.
• Each person has the option to read what he or she has written.
• Only read what you have written during the writing exercise.
• FEEDBACK is discouraged. The idea is to have a really safe place to write and read. We strive to be supportive, encouraging, and creative.

Each round follows these steps:
1. Someone chooses an amount of time to write.
2. Someone chooses a prompt from the prompt box, a book, a picture, or something similar.
3. Write.
4. Everyone is given the option to read.

We also have a blog for regular participants to share finished pieces. You can read some of our stuff here:

When leading the group

  • Set up the microphone and put out the tip bucket by 9 am. The staff at La Salsa will have arranged the tables and put out the box of supplies.
  • The first round is always a 3-minute warm-up round, which we do not read.
  • All subsequent rounds, give everyone the option to read.
  • Depending on the number of people attending, reading can last two to three times the amount of time spent writing. Notice the amount of time, so you can estimate when to take a break and ensure you end on time.
  • Around 10 am, take a 10-minute break. There is a tip bucket in the box. The tips support the website and the servers at La Salsa. Please remind people to give.
  • Either before or after the break, ask for announcements and, if you want, pass the microphone for introductions.
  • Wind up the group between 5 and 10 minutes before 11 a.m. The staff needs to rearrange the tables and set up before opening the restaurant at 11 a.m.

Follow the rules above, and have fun.

Some examples from where leads can originate:
• Box of written leads stored at the restaurant
• Images (such as photos, paintings, Tarot cards) brought by the leader
• Leads from books of poetry or prose brought by the leader

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