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From: Ananda
Sent on: Thursday, January 22, 2009 4:54 PM
Blessings All,

On Inauguration Day, my body stood tall in the mountain pose as I breathed deeply and gave thanks for being able to witness the dawn of a new day led by President Barack Hussein Obama in sacred community with my fellow Americans and world citizens on the National Mall. Our collective spirit, heart, mind, and body were aligned in a miraculous way that left me feeling connected to each person?s energy. It was powerful and reaffirmed what I learned while watching President Obama manage his spirit, heart, mind, body, energy, speech, and actions during his two year campaign: yes we can live full lives when we understand, experience, honor, and manage our feminine innergy and masculine energy. Yoga, meditation, and Reiki healing touch are several tools that we can use to make living a full life a daily reality.

kg yoga life practices? focus for 2009 is showing people how to use yoga, meditation, and Reiki healing touch to understand, experience, honor, and manage the prana (life force ? chi) in their spirit, heart, mind, and body in ways that promote svadhyaya (self-reflection), sukha (inner joy), and leela (divine play). Kind and gentle, restorative, yin, eye, mouth, chair, and bed yoga poses that invite yoga practitioners to spend more time connecting with their breath, higher self, heart, mind, and body will be incorporated into each class. Lavender essential oil will be used during Reiki healing touch exercises to encourage relaxation. Contemplative practices including intention setting, affirmations, prayers, mantra chanting with mala beads, journaling, creative writing exercises, ritual celebration, and collage making will be used to encourage the daily practice of yoga. Classes will also explore the meaning of the first four principles of the Buddhist eightfold path (right view, right intention, right speech, and right action) on a quarterly basis.

From January to May, class themes will incorporate teachings about the five types of prana, five koshas (sheaths or layers that cover an individual's inner light and higher self; they act as a barrier from realizing one's true nature and oneness with everyone and everything in the universe), and seven chakras (energy centers in the human body), and how they can be managed to balance feminine Shakti innergy with masculine Shiva energy in the human body.
Class themes for June through December will center on using yoga to cultivate mindfulness, meditation, and movement in the human body. See a description of class themes below.

2009 Class Themes:

1. First Quarter - Exploring Right View Through the Five Koshas and Five Types of Prana

a) January - Annamaya Kosha (outermost layer called the gross physical body that provides awareness into and sustenance for the other four koshas) and Samana Vayu (corresponds to the central region of the body where the solar plexus chakra is located)

b) February - Pranamaya Kosha (subtle layer called the energy body that governs the physical and mental energy movement of energy channels and chakras) and Prana Vaya (corresponds to the chest region, lungs, and heart chakra)

c) March - Manamaya Kosha (subtle layer called the mental body that oversees the rational, linear, and sequential thought processes) and Apana Vayu (corresponds to the lower abdomen, function of elimination, and root chakra)

2. Second Quarter - Exploring Right Intention Through the Five Koshas, Five Types of Prana, and Meditation

a) April - Vijnanamaya Kosha (subtle layer called the wisdom body that consists of intuition, wisdom, and witness consciousness) and Udana Vayu (corresponds to the throat region and speech)

b) May - Anandamaya Kosha (deepest layer called the bliss body that is made up of constant and continuous 24/7/365 love, peace, joy, happiness, and ecstasy) and Vyana Vayu (corresponds to the distribution of energy into all areas of the body)

c) June ? Dhyana (meditation)

3. Third Quarter - Exploring Right Speech Through Concentration, Mindfulness, and Devotion

a) July ? Dharana (concentration)

b) August ? Sati (mindfulness)

c) September ? Bhakti (devotion)

4. Fourth Quarter ? Exploring Right Action Through Practice, Divine Play, and Inner Joy

a) October ? Abhyasa (practice)

b) November ? Leela (divine play)

c) December ? Sukha (inner joy)

kg yoga life practices' Service Soundbytes:

1. Yoga and Healing Arts Services - If you are looking for a kind and gentle yoga instructor, Reiki healing touch practitioner, or creativity coach for one-on-one sessions, please contact me at [address removed]. I will be happy to share information about my services and fees.

2. DC Area Yoga Meetup Group - Do you want to practice kind and gentle yoga with DC area yoga enthusiasts? Check out the 2009 class schedule by visiting kg yoga life practices? karma yoga project, Kind and Gentle C-OM-MUNITY Yoga Meetup Group http://yoga.meetup.com/584. Membership is free. Yoga field trips to local studios in January, February, and March cost between $16 to $20. Yoga classes held in Malcolm X ? Meridian Hill Park from March to December are FREE. All yoga events are held in DC.

3. Online Community and Radio Show for Yoga Enthusiasts - Are you looking for a social networking site where you can connect with like-minded people? Visit Go Green Sangha - http://gogreensangha.ning.com/. Also check out Go Green Sangha Radio (http://www.talkshoe.com/tc/21325). These social media projects are kg yoga life practices' karma (volunteer service) yoga projects.

4. Yoga- Inspired Reading - Do you want to read a yoga-inspired book this year? If yes, check out my debut novel, Love's Troubadours - Karma: Book One. It tells the story of a yoga teacher in DC. Visit http://www.lovestroubadours.com/. The book is available on Amazon.com.

Enjoy 2009!


Ananda Leeke
Yoga Teacher/Reiki Master Practitioner/Creativity Coach

kg yoga life practices
[address removed]

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