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中港同樂會是一個讓在港工作/念書/旅遊的內地人能夠通過結交香港朋友從而接觸和認識香港本土文化. 透過多元化的活動,我們希望讓內地朋友對香港留下美好的回憶, 同時讓港人對內地文化有更深厚的認識! 我們會舉辦的活動包括 : 電影交流, 美食分享, 行山, 野餐, 香港遊, 品咖啡, 聯誼活動等 這個小組的主要目標是結識新朋友,所以我們歡迎任何人加入( 請 NO HATERS! )這是一個和諧的平台,我們真誠地希望每個人都可以從我們的活動得到美好的回憶! China-Hong Kong Cultural Exchange is a group for anyone who is currently working/studying/visiting Hong Kong. The aim of this group is to meet other Chinese and Hong Kong members, so that we can learn and understand from each others' cultures. Through varies activities, we hope to create the best and the most memorable experience for visitors in Hong Kong, and at the same time, a better cultural understanding for people from Hong Kong. The activities we hope to organize include: watching movies together, eating together, hiking, picnics, Hong Kong touring, coffee tasting, networking events etc. The main goal of this group is to meet new friends, so we welcome anyone to join (NO HATERS PLEASE!!) This is a harmonic group, and we sincerely hope everyone can gain great memories from our events!

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