Sake Exchange Tokyo (Party) Potluck Party @ KURAND Shibuya



KURAND SET (Sake Exchange Tokyo ) is an international exchange party with sake. The events are aimed at bringing people from all over the world together through this magical artisan beverage.

If you are unfamiliar with the way Potluck parties work, basically, everyone must bring at least one dish to share with the other participants. This is a condition of participation. This can be a home-cooked or bought entry, it is entirely up to you.


Sunday 8th September, 2019 / 17:30 - 20:30

Participation Fee : 2500 JPY (incl tax) + one dish to share with everyone

All participants must bring at least one item of food to share with other people. This is a condition of participation.

(please try and bring exact change so that we can complete this part quickly)

・Meet and make friends with people from other countries and culture

・Compare over 100 different types of sake at your leisure. The lineup will include a diverse selection of newly brewed winter sake.

I look forward to seeing you all there!!


17:15 Reception

As soon as you have completed this part, you may start enjoying the sake from the fridges !

17:30: Toast - Kampai !

Free time starts and last until end of event. During this time as well as tasting over 100 types of sake and fruit liqueurs, beer is also included. You can also have your photo taken wearing traditional sake clothes.

18:30: Sake Tasting Competition with prizes (1 hour)

Competition Part 1: Tasting blind = 30 mins

Competition Part 2: Match the sake = 30 mins

20:00 Last Order
20:15 Group Photo
20:20 Final Word
20:30 Event Finish

The venue must be vacated by 20:30 to allow for the next customers to be seated on time.

Food and soft drinks ARE allowed in the venue (no smelly food or food which takes up lots of space).

SET RULE (Please read and accept before RSVPing)

Getting blind drunk is not allowed.

(Please take responsibility and pace yourself while drinking plenty of water. The guideline is 2 times more than water. )

Anyone who is deemed to be beyond their limits will be ejected and banned from future meetups. Guests are strictly the responsibility of the member who brought them. We take no responsibility for accidents caused by over drinking.

We may take photographs and video during the event to be used for marketing KURAND and Sake Exchange Tokyo. It is your right not to appear in these. If you wish not to appear in these photos and video, please let us know at reception. We will try not to feature people's faces too much. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Directions to venue

From Shibuya station, Hachiko exit

3F Matsumoto Building,[masked] Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo. Post Code:[masked] — 6 mins walk from Keio Dentetsu Inogashira Line Station or 5-10 mins walk from Hachiko exit of Shibuya Station

Directions: Exit the station via the Hachiko exit, cross the famous ‘Shibuya Crossing’ and take the left-most street, the one with a L’occitane on the corner. At the Shibuya 109 fork, choose the left street towards Dogenzaka. Head up the street and after about 5mins you will see a Toho Cinemas on your left hand side. Walk a little further up ,we are in the building opposite Royal Host.