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于上世纪80年代兴起于日本的森林浴(shinrin-yoku) ,倡导人们回归古老的森林,让自己沐浴在森林的气氛之中。在受过训练的嚮导的引领下,你可以接受大自然的邀请,放慢你的脚步、唤醒你的感官、用五感感受森林,并与自然建立深刻、充满疗癒力量的关系。森林浴不是行山,不是体力的挑战。如果把森林浴跟其他回归自然的方式(比如徒步旅行)进行比较,就会发现它们之间存在很大差异,因为森林浴更强调内心的修炼。

What is a forest bathing? It is an old and young lifestyle. In recent years, it has become an increasingly popular health trend in the world, just like yoga. The study of forest baths began in Japan. Since 1982, the Japanese government has noticed that many city residents were under increasing pressure and health problems. They had established a forest research center to measure the health benefits people had from spending time in nature. they called this activity -Shinrin-yoku, which is translated to forest bathing. The practice of forest bathing is essentially slowing down and opening up our senses to nature. These walks are not hiking, not a physical challenge, not a research of plants or wild animals. We will walk less than 2miles in three hours…Instead, the essence of the forest bathing is to immerse yourself in nature and to find out the inherent instincts of human beings who have lived in nature for a long time and are nourished by nature, to experience nature in a healing way. Just like our ancient ancestors.

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