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英語でMeetingを実施します。Meetingは三つのセッション、Table Topics Session,Prepared Speech Session,Evaluation Speech sessionから構成されます。
A meeting will be carried out in English, which consists of Table Topics Session, Prepared Speech Session and Evaluation Session.

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Let's Join 40th Regular Meeting of Ibaraki Toastmasters Club!

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40th Regular Meeting of Ibaraki Toastmasters Club will be held on February 6th, 2022 online. We will have traditional toastmasters club meeting. You can attend it online. Please register your participation to the meeting. Then I would send you URL, ID and PC of the meeting. Agenda of the meeting is as follows.
14.00 Call to Order
14.20 Table Topics Speech Session
15.00 Prepared Speech Session
15.40 Workshop
15.50 Evaluation Speech Session
16.20 Award Session
The meeting is full of international atmosphere, consisting of Japanese, American, Russian and Malaysian. If you want to join the meeting as guests, please apply to participate in the meeting through the website
第38回茨木トーストマスターズクラブオンライン例会参加希望者は参加を申し込んでください。参加申し込み者のみにZoom Meeting参加のためのURL、IDおよびPCをお送りします。

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Let's Join 39th Regular Meeting of Ibaraki Toastmasters Club!

Online event

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