What we're about

如果你喜歡扮靚、健身、減肥、烹飪、你想到的任何事 都十分歡迎你加入我們!我們會不定期舉辦workshops,上至扮靚下至煮飯都無任歡迎!

If you love beauty, skincare, cooking, fitness or WFC what's that, we welcome you to join our club! We will host workshops frequently, no matter cooking workshop, beauty workshop or just simply a meet up!

平常的生活只有上班下班,吃飯,睡覺 一定很沉悶吧~進來就可以認識更多和你一樣有共同興趣的絲打,大家冇所不談!

I am sure that life must be so tiring without any excitement! Come and chat with us, get to know more new friends and you will find life can be so colorful!

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