Million AI School (백작스쿨) 8th Meetup


Dear Million AI School (백작스쿨) entrepreneurs,

Our April Meetup will be held on Wed 19 Apr 2017 at #315 Seminar Room, Institute of Computer Technology, Seoul National University.

We are pleased to announce an invited speech about autonomous driving as follows.


3:00-3:15pm Check In and Networking

3:15-3:35pm [Invited Speech] Technical points to be considered to achieve Perfect Autonomous Driving (Dr. S W Seo, Professor of SNU, Chief of Intelligent Car Research Center, SNU)

3:35-3:45pm Q&A

3:45-3:55pm [Investor Pitch] Smart Glass with Wolfram Alpha (Chan Ho Park, Young Entrepreneur)

3:55-4:05pm Startup Mentoring - KiSub Lee, CEO Kainos Med

4:05-4:15pm [Proposal] Society Futurable - Game AI to Build a Better Future, Dr. Richard H Shinn, CEO, AIBrain

4:15-4:25pm Discussion of Soc Futurable, Dr. Sang K Byun, Fm. Chairman, IOC/UN

4:25-5:30pm Further Discussions

5:30-5:45pm Warp up & Next Meetup Announcement

5:45-6:00pm Further Networking

We hope to see you all soon.