Joy of Coding 2019 pre-party

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Locus Publicus International

Oostzeedijk 358B · Rotterdam

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Private second-floor room, via staircase in main bar of Locus Publicus

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Free 010DEV event in association with Joy of Coding 2019 ( This event has a code of conduct (

Joy of Coding 2019 ( is a one-day developer conference in Rotterdam on 24 May that’s all about the love for programming. Learn about new and emerging technologies and get inspired by renowned international speakers. Tickets are available at

18:00 Doors open

19:00 I have created a programming language, and so can you - Daan van Berkel

Inspired by the Booster Conference and the city of Bergen I created a language called bergen. It is a dialect of brainf*ck, a tiny Turing complete language, that uses mountain ranges to describe programs. In this lightning talk we will show how one can create their own language, create a compiler for it, and see it being executed on an abstract machine. We will demystify the shroud of reverence surrounded by programming languages and their creators. You will walk away with a better grounded understanding of how programming languages work, and how you can create one on your own.

19:30 break/networking

20:00 These Songs Would Make Some Great Code Comments - Hanno Embregts

Besides being useful, comments in source code can also be fun! This legendary StackOverflow post[1] tells me that sometimes a well-chosen joke put into source code can lighten the mood at work and make your developer life just a bit better. Now, because I am both a developer and a musician, I tend to use song lyrics to lighten up my code. So in this Ignite talk, I’ll demonstrate this by showing a few typical code fragments that could use some musical quality. And of course I’ll perform bits of the songs that go with it. So are you in for a light-hearted talk on code comments - slash - a mini-concert featuring songs by Coldplay, Oasis, Adam Lambert, Imagine Dragons and many more? Please join in and feel free to sing along!


20:30 networking/party

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