• Programming functional safety in self-driving cars (and Uncle Bob)

    17:00 Doors open 17:10 Uncle Bob video #16: "Component Cohesion" https://cleancoders.com/episode/clean-code-episode-16/show 19:30 Talk 1: Andrei Terechko/Yuting Fu/Peter van der Perk, NXP: "Programming safety of autonomous driving" https://040coders.nl/abstracts/2019-06-Andrei-Terechko.shtml 20:30 Talk 2: Kenneth Bandhoe, BAESIS Automotive: "Functional Safety for Autonomous Driving Vehicles"

  • Android security internals, virtual reality and Uncle Bob at Bosch

    Bosch Security Systems BV

    17:00 Doors open 17:10 Uncle Bob video: "SOLID Components". https://cleancoders.com/episode/clean-code-episode-15/show 18:05 Our host, Bosch, will provide dinner and some informative discussions. 19:30 Karim Yaghmour (via Google Hangout), world-famous author: "Android Security Internals" http://040coders.nl/abstracts/2019-05-Karim-Yaghmour.shtml 20:30 Edward Sentongo, Sogeti: "Hands-on: Augmented Reality for Android apps" http://040coders.nl/abstracts/2019-05-Edward-Sentongo.shtml BRING YOUR LAPTOP WITH ANDROID STUDIO INSTALLED! Please help us keep 040coders free - it costs us organizers about 64 euro per month to keep up. Consider donating: https://040coders.nl/donate.shtml

  • Domain-specific (embedded) languages

    ICT Group N.V.

    Creating domain-specific languages: the search for the real-time embedded language nirvana, and creating DSLs with JetBrains MPS. Host: ICT Automatisering Agenda: 17:00 doors open 17:15 Uncle Bob Clean Coders video: SOLID Case Study https://cleancoders.com/episode/clean-code-episode-14/show 18:00 ICT introduction by Julien Schmaltz, and dinner 19:30 Talk 1: Albert Mietus: "CC-Castle: the best RT/Embedded language. A (stalled) hunt." http://040coders.nl/abstracts/2019-04-Albert-Mietus.shtml 20:30 Talk 2: Niko Stotz, Altran: "MPS: Extend Your {Language|IDE} to Your Domain and System Engineer" http://040coders.nl/abstracts/2019-04-Niko-Stotz.shtml 21:30 Drinks

  • Uncle Bob video and two talks on UI

    Tomtom Automotive Eindhoven

    17:00 doors open 17:10 Uncle Bob video #13: "The Dependency Inversion Principle" https://cleancoders.com/episode/clean-code-episode-13/show 18:05 Italian food and parallel TomTom demo sessions: - Autonomous Driving - ADASIS, "Really Advanced Driver Assist" - CI/CD pipeline 19:35-21:30: Erwin de Groot (Thermo Fisher Scientific): "Xamarin: one platform to rule them all?" http://040coders.nl/abstracts/2019-03-Erwin-de-Groot.shtml 21:30-22:00 networking & drinks

  • Uncle Bob video and two talks on Devices and Linux

    If you come by bus (line 20, exit Best Breeven) and tell us during dinner, we'll make sure you get dropped off at Best Train Station. 17:00 Doors open 17:10 Thanks to CleanCoders.com sponsoring, we're able to present the next Uncle Bob video, #12: "The Interface Segregation Principle". 18:10 We'll have a 10 minute presentation by Heliox and food. 19:15 Jaccon Bastiaansen, Oce Technologies: "Embedded platforms at Océ (real real-time Linux)" http://040coders.nl/abstracts/2019-02-Jaccon-Bastiaansen.shtml *** Update: Unfortunately, original speaker Koen Kooi has influenza *** 20:25: Angelo van der Sijpt: "How well do you know your network stack?" http://040coders.nl/abstracts/2019-02-Angelo-van-der-Sijpt.shtml 21:30 closing and drinks 040coders.nl is a volunteer organization. Please consider to donate: https://040coders.nl/donate.shtml

  • Uncle bob and Block chain


    17:00 Doors open 17:20 Uncle Bob's video will talk about the Liskov Substitution Principe, Part II: https://cleancoders.com/episode/clean-code-episode-11-p2/show Please be in time for the host talk, the building closes around 17:45. 17:50 Rob Hulsebos, Forescout: Why Security Matters Dinner and Drinks 19:00 Alexandru Sutti and Martijn Rutten will talk for two hours about the application of Blockchain. Please bring a laptop, it is a workshop. https://040coders.nl/abstracts/2019-01-Alexandru-Sutti-Martijn-Rutten.shtml 21:30 closing By the way, have you checked our donations page lately? https://040coders.nl/donate.shtml

  • Uncle Bob and C/C++ close to hardware

    Please be in time to avoid queues at the check-in desk. We will send an email with a QR code to all participants to enter the parking garage close to Building 7. Don't forget to bring the QR code (click link below) and a valid ID !!! http://040coders.nl/maps/2018-11-ASML-info.pdf We have two hot-shot talks about C/C++ close to hardware. 16:45 Doors open 17:10 Uncle Bob video: The Liskov Substitution Principle, part 1, clean coders video 11.1, https://cleancoders.com/episode/clean-code-episode-11-p1/show 18:00 Intro to ASML's software challenges 18:15 Dinner + tech discussions at the ASML experience center 19:15 Lex Augusteijn: "Hacking the EOS 300D digital camera and camera control for high-speed photography", https://040coders.nl/abstracts/2018-11-Lex-Augusteijn.shtml 20:30 Bram Riemens: "High Level Synthesis: from dream to reality", https://040coders.nl/abstracts/2018-11-Bram-Riemens.shtml 21:30 Drinks Note that you're free to walk in later and/or skip Uncle Bob. We do request everyone to be present by 17:55... Co-hosted by the Dutch C++ Group from Amsterdam, check out their meetups: https://www.meetup.com/The-Dutch-Cpp-Group/ Spread the word! PDF Poster available below.

  • Uncle Bob and Professional Skills


    17:00 doors open 17:15 Uncle Bob will talk about The Open-Closed Principle (Clean Coders video #10) 18:15 Intro from our host TMC Dinner 19:15 Guus Verweij, Prowareness Zuid-Oost: "What can we learn from Google's Project Aristotle?" 20:15 Klaas van Gend, Sioux: "Professional Software Development" 21:15 https://cleancoders.com/episode/clean-code-episode-10/show http://040coders.nl/abstracts/2018-10-Guus-Verweij.shtml http://040coders.nl/abstracts/2018-10-Klaas-van-Gend.shtml

  • Uncle Bob and Real time

    The High Tech Institute @ BCN

    17:00 Doors open 17:10 Uncle Bob video #9: "The Single Responsibility Principle" https://cleancoders.com/episode/clean-code-episode-9/show Two talks about real time systems: * Hans Zuidam, "Real Time Systems were better in the past", https://040coders.nl/abstracts/2018-09-Hans-Zuidam.shtml * Willem Jan Withagen: "Internet and Real Time: a call for disaster?" https://040coders.nl/abstracts/2018-09-Willem-Jan-Withagen.shtml We thank The High Tech Institute for hosting our event at BCN, Kennedyplein 204, Eindhoven. Please consider donating €2, €4, €8, or €16 to 040coders.nl to help us cover our costs! https://040coders.nl/donate.shtml

  • Domain Specific Applications


    Note: we have a non-standard date: June 14, 2018 is the second Thursday of June, not the third. Our schedule is: * Uncle Bob Episode 8, "Foundations of the SOLID principles" (50 min) * Angelo van der Sijpt, "What you didn't know you wanted to know about the JVM" * Ana-Maria Sutii, "Create your own domain-specific language using the Jetbrains MetaProgramming System" https://cleancoders.com/episode/clean-code-episode-8/show http://040coders.nl/abstracts/2018-06-Angelo-van-der-Sijpt.shtml http://040coders.nl/abstracts/2018-06-Ana-Maria-Sutii.shtml