• Soap box and social (online Meetup)

    Online event

    Looks like Corona is not going away any time soon... So unfortunately no live meeting, but again a zoom session. We'll keep it short: no long presentations, but a soap box: if you want to present something, you get 5 minutes. Talk to organizers at 040coders.nl - or announce yourself at the session itself. Topics announced: * ... If you think it feels like lightning talks you're right. But we're going to do full-out lightning talks in November again! So: sign up for our lightning talks in November: same rules as last year: any topic is allowed as long as you stick to five minutes max. https://www.meetup.com/040coders-nl/events/272787056/

  • Distributed open source applications

    Online event

    Our June 18 Meetup features: 19:45 Zoom open 20:00 Ed Schouten: Distributed software builds using the REv2 protocol https://040coders.nl/abstracts/2020-06-18-Ed-Schouten.shtml 21:05 Kees Meijs: Programmatic OpenStack https://040coders.nl/abstracts/2020-06-18-Kees-Meijs.shtml 22:10 Bring your own Booze! We will keep the Zoom session open to discuss whatever floats Martijn's boat.

  • Online meetup with two tech talks

    Online event

    Our May 28 Meetup (note: 4th Thursday!) is again going to happen online. It features two technical talks: Caio Oliviera, ENTER: Low-end embedded systems for high-end products: insights from a real products development https://040coders.nl/abstracts/2020-05-28-Caio-Oliviera.shtml Christiaan Baaij, QBayLogic: FPGA design with Clash https://040coders.nl/abstracts/2020-05-28-Christiaan-Baaij.shtml

  • our first online meeting with one tech talk

    Online event

    NEW PLAN: (Thanks, Corona!) We'll start 19:45 using Zoom For this first online meetup, we'll only have one talk: Frank van der Kruijssen (ICT Group): "User Interactions and their impact on DSL Design: An interactive case study for Radiation Oncology Workflow" https://040coders.nl/abstracts/2020-04-16-Frank-van-der-Kruijssen.shtml Once Frank is finished, we'll keep Zoom open for at least half an hour to catch up and have an on-line beer.

  • Uncle Bob and two tech talks on small embedded systems

    DEMCON advanced mechatronics Best B.V.

    The February 20 meetup features: 17:00 Doors open 17:15 Uncle Bob video #18 "Component Case Study" 18:05 Our host Demcon and then dinner 19:30 "Miniaturization and Documentation of an X-Ray system: Arduinos and PlantUML" (Jaap van Alphen, Philips and Klaas van Gend, Sioux) https://040coders.nl/abstracts/2020-02-20-Jaap-van-Alphen-Klaas-van-Gend.shtml 20:30 "Bare metal optimization experiences" (Herman Roebbers, Altran) https://040coders.nl/abstracts/2020-02-20-Herman-Roebbers.shtml 21:30 end If you enjoy the 040coders sessions, please consider donating a little: https://040coders.nl/donate.shtml

  • Herb Sutter Video, Virtual Reality and C++20 Coroutines

    We learned from our Lightning Talks that you want to see Herb Sutter's full story on the future of exception handling. Herb's not around, but we have a video of the talk! 17:05 doors open 17:15 Herb Sutter's "defragmenting C++" video (edited) 18:10 Introduction by our host, Enter. 18:20 Food 19:15 Talk 1: Jeroen Lammertink, Alten: "C++20 co-routines" https://040coders.nl/abstracts/2020-01-23-Jeroen-Lammertink.shtml 20:15 break 20:30 Talk 2: Menno Bisschops, Vree: "Workshop: creating multiplayer VR applications" (will be a live vr coding session!) http://040coders.nl/abstracts/2020-01-23-Menno-Bisschops.shtml 21:30 end NOTE: This event is on the fourth Thursday instead of the third!.

  • X-Ray systems, Automated lockers, 040coders lightning talks

    Philips Medical Systems International BV

    17:00 Doors open. Be in time and BRING VALID ID: you'll have to pass Philips security! No ID, no entry!!! 17:15 Demonstration of X-Ray Systems and discussions on the complexity of the software behind them. Be in time, late arrival is not possible. 18:00 dinner & drinks 19:15 Robert Beekmans (Sioux): "Vecos: cloud based lockers" http://040coders.nl/abstracts/2019-11-Robert-Beekmans.shtml 20:15 Lightning Talks until 21:15 Lightning talks are 5 minute talks on random topics. But where we normally invite speakers to do a presentation, this time it is you: the 040 coders themselves. We want the members of our audience to talk about what makes their hearts beat. "Why Perl6 is going to rule the world?". Great! "Why does your cat like catnip?" Super! Just make it fit in five minutes, or we'll bulldozer you off the stage! No speaking experience necessary. If there's a need, we'll organize a speaker training. Sign up by sending an e-mail to: organizers at 040coders.nl . We already have proposals for lightning talks by: * Frans Meulenbroeks: "5 scrum fails," * Klaas van Gend: "Why I hate Python with a passion," * Arend-Jan Beltman: "Designing your hardware control smoothly using I-Mech," * Gareth Thomas: "Lessons learned after 1 year as a Co-Founder," * Albert Mietus: "Why you shouldn’t believe Python haters — they bite their own tail," * Erwin de Groot: "Implicit Surfaces," * Andrew Rutgers: "React for Simulation Visualization," * Kees Jan Dijkzeul: TBD – hints welcome * Kris van Rens: "Conscripting your kids into coding service," * Martijn Rutten: "Snake oil vs. unicorn: the magic quadrant for overzealous startups and academics," * Henrique Marks: "Five Minutes Embedded System using Buildroot" * (here's room for your talk!)

  • TBD (and a Uncle Bob video )

    Needs a location

  • Correctly Compiling C/C++ into an Embedded System. And a Uncle Bob Video ...

    Agenda ====== 17:15 Doors open 17:30 Uncle Bob video #17, "Component Coupling" https://cleancoders.com/video-details/clean-code-episode-17 18:20 About our host of the month: Sioux 18:30 Food (thanks to Sioux) 19:15 *C compiler testing, theory and practice*; by Dr. Marcel Beemster (CTO at Solid Sands B.V) 20:15 break/drinks 20:30: *Software Tooling for Embedded Systems: successfully transitioning from Research to Development*; by Dr. Orlando Moreira (Fellow and Chief Architect at GrAI Matter Labs) 21:30 Roundup Abstracts & Bio ========== C compiler testing, theory and practice --------------------------------------- C compiler testing is a many-faceted endeavor because it takes you to the fringes of the language and places that a 'normal' programmer should not go to. And C has many fringes. We will look at the theory of testing, argue that quality is not equal to safety, discuss errors found in commercial compilers, scrutinize our own errors, and develop some new intuitions about floating point if time permits. Marcel Beemster ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Before starting Solid Sands, Marcel was an assistant professor at the University of Amsterdam and later switched to the industry as a compiler developer at ACE Associated Compiler Experts. He loves the C programming language, right from the first day he picked up K&R’s book, because it provides a direct connection with the machine at high performance. Software Tooling for Embedded Systems: ... -------------------------------------------- (successfully transitioning from Research to Development) A considerable amount of the effort in the domain of embedded systems is spent on the research and development of software tools - compilers, mappers, schedulers and simulators. However, many great tools and algorithms fail to thrive in an industrial setting. This presentation will discuss some of the challenges in making an embedded software tool successfully transition from research to development. These challenges will be illustrated with examples from the presenter’s personal working experiences at Ericsson, Intel and GrAI Matter Labs. Orlando Moreira ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Orlando Moreira is Fellow and Chief Architect at GrAI Matter Labs, a neuromorphic chip company. He graduated from the University of Aveiro and he holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering from the Eindhoven University of Technology. He worked at Philips Research [masked]), NXP Semiconductors [masked]), ST-Ericsson/Ericsson [masked]) and Intel [masked]). From 2007 to 2009, he lead a joint Nokia/NXP/ST-Ericsson team in developing a real-time software architecture for multi-radio. At Ericsson, he designed a system architecture for Dual Sim Dual Call. At Intel, he lead a programming tools group for imaging systems. He has published research on reconfigurable computing, real-time multiprocessor scheduling, resource management, and temporal analysis of data flow applications.