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It's often said that there is no better friend than a sister; however, a sister is not only a sister by blood!

Let's face it, living in London can become lonely and unfulfilling at times and even when you do have friends and family; differing schedules, priorities and resources can mean that you only see each other a handful of times each year (if you are lucky). That's why you need ASIM!

ASIM is a social not-for-profit group founded by three sisters and their ten daughters. We are passionate about all females around the world, being afforded the same rights, privileges and opportunities that we have enjoyed. ASIM stands for A Sister in Me, we are a community of sisters from diverse backgrounds, professional industries and areas of London, with a common goal of positively using our influence to help girls and women in our community unleash their full potential, also to help disadvantaged females around the world receive basic human rights and to have fun, learn and grow as part of our ASIM sisterhood. If this sounds like something that you are interested in then please join!

ASIM has 3 core functions:

1) Mentoring - Whether you want to be a mentor or you want to be mentored (or both!) then the ASIM mentoring scheme is perfect for you. We facilitate two types of mentoring, The first is youth mentoring. The ASIM youth mentoring scheme enables ASIM sisters to be paired with girls aged 11-18 who live in London and to help them with academic struggles, issues in their private lives and career development. The second type of mentoring is peer mentoring, this enables ASIM sisters to be paired with other ASIM sisters who may have slightly more experience in their professional industry or a particular area of life. The role of peer mentor is to provide support, encouragement, and information to their mentee. Becoming an ASIM mentor is completely optional but totally rewarding.

2) Fundraising -At ASIM each year we nominate a female-focused charity, that all our fundraising efforts go towards. We have fixed two annual events, our tea party and gala dinner - where we sell tickets and raise money and awareness for our chosen charity.

3) Monthly ASIM Events -We organise monthly events for ASIM sisters. These can be absolutely anything from a yoga session to a debate. The following list includes examples of events but it's not limited to these:
- cinema trip
- dinner
- wine tasting
- bowling
- international evening
- family day out
- girls night out
- concerts
- karaoke
- theatre
- art gallery
- museum trip
- exhibitions
- spa
- girls night in
- girls weekend
- exercise class
- conferences
And we are always searching for more ideas so please come onboard and share, share, share.

If we've managed to convince you, please do hit that join button! You can join ASIM on whatever level you want, whether that is just coming along to an event every couple of months or joining the organising committee we would be glad to have you.



Some monthly events will incur a per person admin fee, depending on the amount of admin needed to organise the particular event. This is non-refundable unless for some reason it is cancelled. Also for some events, a deposit will be required to secure your space. However, we do organise a lot of free events too!

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