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Anybody who has been wanting to know more about Yoga and is beginning to find or develop a practice on their own, yoga beginners, enthusiasts as well as yoga teachers. From Awaken Inner Buddha Yoga Team ( www.awakeninnerbuddha.com ) comes the famous Half Day Yoga Workshop that lasts about 5 hours and gives you an in depth understanding of :
1) Origin and meaning of Yoga
2) Understanding of classical texts of Patanjali to unfold understanding of Ashtanga or 8 legs of Yoga
3) Understanding of Chakras, their physical and psychological influence in our lives body and mind
4) Understanding Hatha Yoga, different kinds and practices of Yoga and names of different styles of Yoga
5) Kundalini and Sun and Moon Energy
6) Practice of Pranayama
7) Buddhist Meditation its practice and understanding
8) 15 basic postures of Hatha Yoga to activate energy centers
9) Practice of Buddhist Meditation
10) Gratitude Prayer to send energy to all Perfect for yoga teachers, yoga enthusiasts, healers, beginners, regular yoga practitioners. Get in touch at +919891002141 to reserve a seat or visit the website to read more reviews. You need to make a booking prior to attending the workshop.

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