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Presenting: MeetMyLeads - Find events your prospects attend
MeetMyLeads is a SaaS platform that helps find events your prospect will be attending so you can also attend and pursue face-to-face relationships. For a Salesperson, deal closing rates increases drastically if one can meet the prospect in person. However, getting a face-to-face meeting time with a prospect is very challenging. helps solve this problem by notifying Salespeople the whereabouts of their prospects so they can meet them and build that personal relationship. MeetMyLeads applies Machine learning and NLP algorithms over 100s of publicly available sources on the Internet to find Meetups, Conferences, Events, etc. where your prospects are planning to attend. Currently Meet My Leads is approaching Beta release (11/17) Questions we often get asked are: What is your data source and how reliable is it? Who is your ideal customer? How does a prospect opt out of being followed? Our 1MC Boulder ask: Feedback on the concept, Connections with Advisors, Marketing CoFounder.

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