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Our mission is to find and empower the Data & AI talent designing and producing the data-driven products of the 21st century. 
We offer the following:
• Guidance: How do I find out if a career in data analytics, data science, and artificial intelligence is right for me?
• Advice: A tried-and-tested roadmap that you can use to start your data career.
• Support: How do I create a CV, resume, or online profile that gets me interviews in the industry and startups?

We are supported by the AI Guild, Europe's leading practitioner network with 1600+ members in industry and startups.

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More job interviews with a Validated CV (online)

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#ready-for-hire with a Validated CV and LinkedIn. We assess technical skills, data experience, and business capability.

To start a #datacareer, you need to achieve two things.

  1. Get invited by companies to an interview regularly.
  2. Get through the interview process and secure an offer. Better two offers so that you have some bargaining power.

We work with you on an AI Guild Validated CV that is recognized by hiring managers throughout Europe.

  • 8 participants maximum.
  • 3-hour workshop to draft essential CV sections such as technical skills, data experience, and business capability.
  • 1-on-1 online coaching to finalize your CV with a powerful mission and search statement.
  • Tips and tricks on reducing your search time and costs.

Learn by example. Benefit from examples of AI Guild Validated CVs.

Target participants
Talents looking for a 1st or 2nd role. You will likely have experience with data, enjoy analytical thinking, and know Python or R.
If you are looking for a career change, then your background may be in, for example, related data professions, software engineering, or a data-intensive Ph.D.


  • 500+ high-potential talents converted to data careers by AI Guild members as, e.g., company trainers, online mentors, instructors, hiring managers.
  • 300+ AI Guild leaders in the field, e.g., Bootcamp directors, university professors, technical leads, business architects, startup founders, industry CxO.
  • The AI Guild community with 1500+ members.

Your coach
Chris Armbruster is Director #datacareer at the AI Guild. He is also an alumnus of the Max Planck Society and a former Data Science Bootcamp Director.

For more information please visit www.datacareer.eu

Hiring 15+ Entry-level Roles (Science to Data Science)

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Hiring with full-time employment, sponsored tuition fee, and relocation bonus to Hamburg, Hannover, Duesseldorf, Frankfurt, and Munich.

The AI Guild Academy for data talent moving from academia to industry has launched. For you, as a data talent, it has the following new and unique features

  1. Three months of intense training (Start 09/2022) by the leading European experts, for which our industry partner covers the tuition fee of €11.900. For accepted applicants, the effective tuition fee is €0.
  2. The training course runs from September to December 2022, and each participant will be offered a full-time and permanent employment contract from January 2023 based on the typical industry entry-level range from €50-70k p.a.. No more searching, no more waiting, start your career with a typical industry salary right after the training.
  3. A relocation bonus is available for all participants moving to Hamburg, Hannover, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt/M., or Munich.

This event will explain to you how the AI Guild is looking for the first 15+ data talents as participants and future data leaders.

You are numerate and have an interest in finance, insurance, and payments. Yes, your initial interest can be as a customer of these industries. Each participant may start as Data Analyst, Data Engineer, or Data Scientist.

Anyone interested can apply right now and best before 31 July 2022 with this link: https://www.datacareer.eu/academy

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Science to Data Science: PhDs and postdocs moving to industry

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