What we're about

Women are still massively under-represented in digital. As a result, we lack the rich variety of inspiring role models and success stories we all need as we navigate our careers. 10 Digital Ladies (http://www.10digitalladies.com) is changing that.

Success is personal: Our mission is to build a more inclusive digital industry and support the individuals who work in it pursue their own version of success.

How is 10 Digital Ladies doing that?

We hear again and again from our 2,000+ members that the 10 Digital Ladies experience is unique. Our ethos is all about creating groundswell by:

• Celebrating inspirational, relatable role models in a whole range of digital roles

• Showcasing digital leaders: women and men who are making change happen

• Providing practical, actionable advice

• Building a powerful network so women can engage with peers wherever they are based

• Supporting our members to connect with their strengths, interests and needs to create their own version of success

What do we do?

Monthly meetups

10 Digital Ladies is a community that has the conversations that matter. We create a welcoming space where members can meet or engage online to share inspiration and practical tips. And we do that while being honest about the challenges we all encounter along the way.

The 10 Digital Ladies awards

Every year, we celebrate 10 female role models at our annual awards. Our awards categories are designed to celebrate a wide variety of inspirational women: from those making waves in technology and innovation, to entrepreneurs, career portfolioists and ones to watch we ensure there’s a success story there for everyone.

Book of Career Hacks

Since the beginning, we have had the privilege of hearing from hundreds of amazing women who’ve attended and spoken at our events. We have consistently been struck by the incredible honesty of our participants, as well as by how much their career advice resonates with our audience. So we decided to bring all these incredible tips into one super career boosting book!

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Upcoming events (2)

Is the job interview a barrier to achieving diversity in the workplace?

In 2019 only the most backwards of companies remain unconvinced of the value of a truly diverse workforce. Now that many companies have embarked on the mission of recruiting and building diverse teams even those with the best intentions are discovering how extremely difficult and fraught with challenges their task is. Join our panelists Pip Jamieson, Founder and CEO of The Dots, Meri Williams, CTO of Monzo, Jo Wickremasinghe, Product Director at Babylon Health and Dave Wascha, CPO of the Photobox Group and our moderator 10 Digital Ladies founder, business transformation consultant and coach, Lucia Adams for a candid and honest discussion about the challenges, mis-steps, pitfalls and travails facing companies and candidates as they try and create and realize the value of diversity in the workplace. This will not be a discussion filled with platitudes but rather pragmatic examples of trying to get it right, but not always succeeding. Our hope is that we all walk away, whether we’re hiring or searching for a job, with practical strategies and tactics for making the journey a little bit easier for everyone. Doors open: 6.30pm Discussion begins: 7pm Followed by drinks and nibbles. (We ask for a £10 donation to attend, help 10 Digital Ladies to continue to do the work it does. This money will be spent on food, drinks and funding our liverstreaming. For more about our mission visit https://www.10digitalladies.com)

Get your second wind: Building a second career in digital

Having a second, third or even fourth career is becoming increasingly common. More and more of us a switching to a new career later in life as our working lives become longer and the desire to do something more compelling, more interesting or more creative becomes keener. Making the leap into a digital career is perhaps seen as more challenging for those of us that are not digital natives – especially when previous roles were more ‘traditional’. However, the experience, wisdom, balance and talent that ‘second winders’ can bring to a digital role is not to be under-estimated. So what does it take to move into the digital industry later in your working life? Is there a prejudice against older people in the digital industry and if so how can it be overcome? Our panel of experts including Pivotal Product Director Therese Stowell (https://www.linkedin.com/in/theresestowell/) and Talent Consultant & Trainer, Jane Fordham (https://www.linkedin.com/in/jafordham/) will discuss the challenges and opportunities that a second career in digital provides and give some practical tips on: - How to identify the roles that might work for you - Training and where to find it - Digital skills you didn’t know you had and how to present them - Interview tips

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