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10 Digital Ladies Meet-Ups are for women working in mid to senior experienced women working in any of the following digital practitioner roles.

• Product management

• Project management

• Digital strategy

• Engineering/development

• Digital content/marketing

• Start-ups/ App development

• Design & user experience

• Social media/community

• Analytics/SEO/marketing

• Data/CRM

• E-commerce

• Multimedia/production

• Digital intelligence businesses/infographics

• Hands-on digital consultants

They are small, informal support and networking meetings where women can discuss issues that relate to their digital career and that might help them reach their full potential. The meetings break into groups of no more than 10 attendees to allow personal networking hence the name, though most meet-ups have between 30-50 women in attendance.

Meetings normally have a short official element followed by drinks. We then feature two or three handpicked speakers before breaking into small groups for networking and discussion.

Upcoming events (2)

Nailing a growth mindset: How to build resilience throughout your career

10 Digital Ladies is proud to announce our first event of 2019, 'Nailing a growth mindset: How to build resilience throughout your career'. This interactive session will be hosted by 10 Digital Ladies co-founder Lucia Adams and our 'One to watch' 10 Digital Ladies award winner Roselene Thomas, and will include a 1-hour workshop breakout session exploring resilience with Frank Partners http://www.frankpartners.co.uk/ (who you may remember from our brilliant unconscious bias event last year). Roselene Thomas is the Director & Founder of Thomas UK Consulting Services - a Software Testing company, covering both Manual & Automation Test for websites, mobile apps and other software products. Rose is an incredible, inspiring individual whose journey to being an Entrepreneur has been extremely eventful. What's most striking is that she never gave up on her ambition of establishing her own company by working extremely hard and building up her own investment. Arriving in the UK from India at the age of 19 with a bag full of dreams, Rose completed her Masters in the Manchester Metropolitan University UK in 2011 with a scholarship and has always been passionate about being an Entrepreneur and starting her own IT Company. Rose will be joined byAnna Carus-Wilson (https://www.linkedin.com/in/anna-carus-wilson-2772a517/) and Alex Mecklenburg . - Anna is the co founder, along with Neil Bett, of Frank Partners. Anna looks after the relationship between Frank Partners and Nike, and worked alongside Nike to design and manage the Accountability program. Anna is a professional actor by training and background, and has spent the last 15 years developing programs for clients including Vodafone, News UK, Harley Davidson, Calvin Klein, Dyson, Shine TV, Ogilvy & Mather and Centrica amongst others. Frank Partners work in creative development, and as a team are a 25 strong bunch of dynamic, irrepressible, warm hearted associates, lead by Anna and Neil. - Alex is an experienced, provocative business coach, working with leadership teams, CEOs and boards of organisations who are looking to break through their own (business) bubble. Alex likes to think about most of her work as ‘business counselling’ - listening to and working with individuals and teams on exercising clarity & simplicity, bravery and authenticity and how create organisational stories of value, resilience and emotional agility day in day out. As the co-founder of Truth & Spectacle, a creative consultancy she is passionate about helping organisations to find their own creative truth & muscle and to build an experimentation culture within organisations that allows people to bring ideas to life, to feel valued and to create value. Themes to be explored: * How do you create an organisation that enables people to build resilience? * What can the individual do to change the culture? * To have the conversations that matter, what do we need to do? * How do women find their way to speak their truth?

Make the leap: Building your freelance consultancy career

Note: This event is being held in Bristol and will be live-streamed to a London location. This is the first time we have attempted this so it’s a bit of an experiment! London tickets therefore will be free. If you would like to join the Bristol event, please visit our Eventbrite page. https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/make-the-leap-building-your-freelance-consultancy-career-tickets-54518772115 Taking the plunge and leaving the secure world of PAYE is something most people will have contemplated at some point. Whether the motivation is greater flexibility, the ability to work for yourself or just the desire to no longer be a small cog in a big wheel; we all wonder about life on the other side. It might be a generalisation but it seems that it is a leap that men are often more confident taking than women. Why is this? Are we inherently more risk averse? Do we worry about failure more? Maybe it’s a confident issue? Whatever it is the reality is the only thing that is really holding us back is... us. This session will be hosted by 2018 winner of the 10DL Consultant Award Jenny Cowderoy. Previously an MD with Google Jenny took the plunge to go freelance and is now an NED and advisor to a number of tech businesses. Joining her will be the MD of local Bristol based digital consultancy Edo, Claire Moyne and another locally based NED and business advisor, Ann Holman. We are very excited to announce that this is the first MeetUp 10DL have hosted outside London however the event will be streamed live online so that regular South East based members can join the conversation. The panel will also look at the value to businesses and the economy of using consultants and having a workforce of experienced people who can add expertise at the board/ advisory level. The number of women entering this space is increasing but there are still far more men. There is still a real perception issue in some areas around the word ‘consultant’ due to issues around high costs and low value among traditional, large consultancies. However, there is real value for both sides when individuals bring their experience to bear on companies looking for support in achieving their goals. This session will tackle some of the barriers that we might feel we face to building a successful career as a consultant. It will look at: - How to recognise your own skillset and package it up in the right way. - How to create a ‘runway’ so that you are not simply jumping into thin air - How to secure the roles that you want rather than feeling you have to jump at whatever comes up first - The value that consultants can bring to businesses and how to package your value up in the right way - Where to go for support and advice

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