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An invitation to discover and EXPERIENCE the power of your own trait strengths and learn how to balance 10 powerful trait pairs that are complementary, opposite and equally powerful from the inside out, within yourself, and to curate teams and leadership.

What if there was a simple, easy to learn and apply, repeatable method for preventing workplace conflicts, improving relationships, and sustainably promoting a positive culture in your work and family life?

What if you and every person in your organization could become instantaneously aware of their personal trait-strengths and the trait-strengths of their co-workers?

What if just the knowledge of these trait-strengths and their power informed more productive personal interactions and created new levels of harmony in any group that considered them?

What if organizations could use this new trait-awareness to build on-demand, curated leadership and functional teams balanced with the traits required to meet specific goals and to complete their work?

10TRAITS science-based training methods offer the fastest way to transfer leadership skills to an entire workforce

Imagine learning how to manage conflict at the moment it happens by instantly shifting your focus away from an emotional response you’re feeling, to your own trait strengths and the trait strengths of the other person. In that instant, you gain a moment of clarity on how to respond.

It is a personal power tool for self empowerment, relationships and leadership. It creates a dynamic synergy between 10 key masculine traits and 10 powerful female traits, and offers instant access and benefits. This rapid learning system can be applied to boost productivity, innovation and decision-making in any field of human endeavor, including business, politics, the environment, the classroom, and relationships.

10TRAITS diverse, inclusive training programs are offered online, on campus, and accredited.

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